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  1. @beautybayhelp were the blood sugar palettes sent via next day delivery?

  2. @kirk_official Get to work bitch ??

  3. RT @britneyspears: ☕️☕️☕️ ?: Make and Tell https://t.co/AVU0YEcdr3

  4. @terrorjrmusic When are u dripping the new single?!!!!

  5. @beautybay #bbdaretoshare https://t.co/T17vzGpmDt

  6. @terrorjrmusic any chance you will bring #grapeland to the UK? I'm in London waiting ?

  7. @beautybayhelpit wont let me sign in???? saying my password is wrong what do i d o

  8. @fabswingers someone has been reporting my pictures I think and trying to get them removed claiming they are not me but they are! Help

  9. @beautybayhelp why are the juvias palettes all the same price? The nubian contains less product but still as expensive as the large palettes

  10. @beautybayhelp my tracking says my order has come but its nowhere to be seen.... HELP!!!

  11. @beautybayhelp reply to my dm please

  12. @beautybayhelp I think you need to give an explanation on this brand restriction thing you have just brought in... Sounds ridiculous

  13. @beautybayhelp and I still see no explanation...

  14. @inthedeetales living for your dp!! #werk

  15. @beautybayhelp are you gonna have deceased to buy on its own?? :)

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