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  1. maybe they will in 5 years for the 25th anniversary. That's a bigger deal than 20 tbh
  2. Why is his appearance of any relevance with all of this?
  3. why are you so judgemental? you're also not a good example of a fan we should be supporting each other in the fanbase instead of criticizing each other. Britney also smokes so what's your point?
  4. I mean... it really isn't. However, it is not a Britney Spears quality album. I think most of us have just a negative perception of the album because of the vocals mess, Myah Marie, and how they marketed the album as personal when it was a FF 2.0 party anthems but some ballads sprinkled throughout
  5. So true... then it is about time we start bowing down to the Brutny Johanna era?
  6. OMG Glory Chaotic, Mona Lisa & Tom's Diner deserved better
  7. Same but Tinashe has shown nothing but love and respect for Britney. I am glad the collab happened. It gave us a great Music Video
  8. the angles and how they edited the performances helped a lot too. not diminishing the great job she did but you can't compare prof recordings to IG's 1 min videos. Britney killed it and I knew she would like she's done every televised performance since 2015
  9. tbh most of us would like BJ better if Britney marketed as a just for fun album and expectations wouldn't have been so high for personal
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