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    Happy Birthday alvy!

  2. Tough one I voted for "Sippin' On" 'cause it's just so lovely to me haha. I loved it since the 1st time xd
  3. THIS! Specially that Drop Dead (Beautiful) backdrop right? that one had me like the whole time LOL.
  4. Nice to meet you Nickey Good answers, I thought it was me answering some of them hahaha.
  5. I agree with this. I can't say FFT rocked, because to me was kinda so-so to me (she can do better). But gorl using the same ending song twice is unnaceptable XD
  6. Thank you all for the support. Love y'all What do you mean by that hun?
  7. Well this are some of the old edits I made years ago of our beloved queen. Hope you all like it.
  8. This whole thread got me SCREAMINNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG hahahahahahahaahahahah
  9. I liked being bottom since the more I tried and now I can say I'm both (top&bottom) but more bottom.
  10. I actually was the top. Then @ few months ago that same year I was bottom with some other dude who had 19yo. And I felt nothing.......... neither pain (or maybe just a liiiiiiiittle....) neither pleasure, nothing. a frustrating first time as a bottom lol.
  11. Holy S!!!!!!!!!!!! This is beyond amazing, I love it, good work! I made a Hot As Ice cover few months ago too.
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