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  1. Hey, I totally agree. It’s kinda weird that there’s only a vinyl for it. I did buy a bootleg cd off ebay, that’s good for now.
  2. What??!? This saga is never ending!!
  3. It’s the Deluxe Edition with 4 bonus tracks! So far the only one they added any extra songs too!! It looks Great!
  4. Britney Jean is a curse upon everything it touches, destiny is destiny. The glitch shall be reborn.. I just hope there’s no spelling errors on the back cover. Hold on TITE & TIK TIK Boom are tragic but iconic. Her creative team has been kinda shittley ever since she moved to RCA.
  5. It’s kinda a sad to know that she’s not so into music anymore but I’m so happy that she’s finally happy again. It’s always a good day to see her smiling.
  6. I can’t believe that they didn’t include the 4 bonus tracks, and other international editions of the CD had WB remixes too. Pretty expensive for an album with just 10 tracks. It gets a lot of valid hate, but it’s not such a bad album. It kinda bops.
  7. Welcome to the forums Mr.Black.Out :)

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