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  1. JT has performed 3 times, Bruno Mars twice. And Beyoncé like 30 times.
  2. Holy shit, that’s ancient. But so cool.
  3. I heard the TI one a few times back in the day. I thought it was weird that the remix was on the radio.
  4. She killed it. Best performance of Work Bitch ever. She was absolutely fierce!
  5. I hope that it’s for some kind of promo. Like maybe advertising a tour. But I really hope she’s not having some kind of new clothing line. She’s had enough of those. But that is a good way for her name to be out there again.
  6. What kind of flawlessness??!?
  7. One of her best products. It’s super cool. I really hope that they make something similar for her 20 year anniversary.
  8. Was it the one for pride earlier this year? There was the Britney Jean one too!