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  1. This is a very cool little moment. One of her Best albums is back on the charts!
  2. She’s wearing the same armband as in another video from a while ago. It could be old. One where she was lifting weights.
  3. I’m hoping for something like Madonna’s Confessions album. I’d love to hear her shine with a great dancy electro disco pop moment. Pop today needs that. Something kinda Kylie and some amazing visuals with good choreo would kill it. Britney and Gaga are the last ones to have really great live shows, that’s something else missing today.
  4. She should go out there and find some new and amazing people to work with. Some great artists who flatter her live on stage.
  5. I have all of these and so many more. The guy who makes them is so amazing. His products are top notch. Kinda pricy, but they seriously great for collectors. Look up BSFMbyGavin he has a Weebly website too. DM to order.
  6. How this wasn’t number 1 everywhere, I’ll never understand. It’s a fabulous song and one of her catchiest and most fun in a while.
  7. Early Britney is so mysterious to me. It’s fascinating.
  8. I hope that we get at least on the same quality level as the Work Bitch Throne, guitar and OHT Toxic.
  9. Me too sis, great music, terrible era. I can’t deal.
  10. I’m very okay with this. It would have huge potential to be a hit. It would obv be a bop!
  11. Love this video! It really shows the best and most impressive parts of He tour. Also it’s so great to see her smiling a lot.
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