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  1. 1. Blondeney 2. Slave/Boys ABC special 3. In February 2014 4. Strangest love and Shattered Glass 5. Blackout 6. Britney era 7. MATM 8. DWAD 9. Because she is a nice and humble person and she's so inspiring. 10. Charlie 11. Ask If she could do something realy different with her album. 12. Matm, Slave and a little bit of Pretty Girls 13. No but her happiness is more important.
  2. https://youtu.be/L5tcXqNJn10 This one works for me!
  3. Set list: Circus tour Costumes: Circus tour Dancing: The onyx hotel tour Live vocals: Hair zone mall tour
  4. Rainbowney can't leave!! I want her to wear a short dress with cut outs, that would be so cute!
  5. OMFG Badassney is back to slay your faves!!
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