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  1. Do You Wanna Come Over has leaked, but quite a few of them are circulating. I think Make Me is likely to leak next
  2. And as I made it clear - there are no possible tracks. Mona Lisa is the only one we know was intended for Original Doll. Everything else is from a different era. I'm not sure where you're pulling this information from, but it's not true in the slightest. Michelle Bell even confirmed that Take Off + the rest of her tracks were not from Original Doll but are from around 2002.
  3. This has been said time and time again but I'll say it once more - none of the tracks that have leaked have been confirmed to be from Original Doll. Mona Lisa is the only song we know for definite that she recorded for the album - we don't even know if she actually did record any other songs. Take Off, Guilty, Conscious, Welcome to Me, Money Love and Happiness, Peep Show, Look Who's Talking, and Chaotic are all songs from In the Zone. Dramatic, Baby Boy, and Rebellion are post-OD but pre-Blackout.
  4. It's the last song that Michelle and Britney worked on together. The song doesn't have Britney's vocals, but it's very likely that she helped to co-write it.
  5. Part of the sessions in 03-04 with Michelle Bell. We also have Conscious and Money Love and Happiness, which also came from there. She said she will be leaking more songs!
  6. Posted by the brilliant Michelle Bell!
  7. This is cute but I hate the majority of Britney covers. Making a jazz version of toxic, or acoustic version of ...Baby strips away what makes the song so brilliant.
  8. You better believe it. H*lsey is absolute trash and possibly the worst thing to happen to the charts this side of 2000.
  9. I'd rather stick pins in my eyes and have my toenails ripped out whilst listening to Body Ache + Pretty Girls than ever have a collab between Britney and her.
  10. Just because she hasn't performed it doesn't mean she dislikes it. She's only done 2 Glory tracks 'live' and yet we know she loves the album.
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