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  1. well don't listen to it then. but don't write whiney posts about it either, it was 5 years ago. fucking hell.
  2. Overall, there's actually nothing wrong with Britney's shows/performances. Even back in the days when she was absolutely killing the chores and routines on stage, she was still criticised, she still had jokes made about her music or whatever. So I really think that she's at the point now where she's just going on stage, having a good time with her dancers, and doing her routines that she has rehearsed. If you go onto her instagram you'll see plenty of comments about poor dancing, no live singing etc etc. Well sorry but that is basically all the performers. People hold Beyonce up as some incredible pop force beyond compare, well, sorry, but she FAKED IT during what is possibly the most important political event in her country (the inauguration). SHE FAKED IT!!!! Shakira was caught lip-syncing during the World Cup event a few years ago. They're literally all doing it. Except, for some reason, people really bash Britney for it. So, my guess is that after 20 years of giving us all a piece of her, and after all the shit the world threw at her when she dared to have personal struggles... she's arrived at the point where she just doesn't feel she has to prove anything anymore. Like it or don't. that's not to say she doesn't care!! a beautiful release like Glory proves that she continues to take her musical output seriously and create solid pop material. She's just done with trying to please everyone. Because even if she was slaying 2004 choreo on stage every night, people would still be criticising other aspects.
  3. Don’t know if anyone was there in Brighton (I was!!!) but I noticed a few small changes to the show which I didn’t understand the point of? for example, for the till the world ends finale, they removed the “you better work” mix that leads to the very end. It was just “keep on dancing till the world ends” then glitter then end. there were a few other small things I noticed which I can’t remember now. Overall it was great though.
  4. By the other forum I presume you mean shale, they are awful. It’s seems they barely even like Britney. It’s negative and critical and bitchy and I’ve stopped checking that forum out because every time you go there all they write about is what they don’t like about what she’s doing. They can fuck off.
  5. we were trolled by various people including jessie Saint John or whatever with all the apple emojis and little scraps of info about the pitbull collab and now everything has gone SILENT about music. literally there's no mention of it at all. the tour has started, in like 12 days she's gona be in Europe WITH PITBULL. I've got literally zero clue what to think about when new music is coming now
  6. That looks way too expensive for a commercial for a limited time perfume.
  7. Stop moaning, bitching and complaining. Too many people on this forum seem to think they’d be incredible managers in the music industry. Firsly, Larry Rudolph is still firmly on her team, and he DOES know what he’s doing. It’s not 2004 any more guys, britneys status is slightly different within the industry. she has nothing to prove any more. look at Janet Jackson. Absolute icon, nothing will ever take that away from her. But she’s now releasing albums via her own label with barely any promotion at all, and the last time she announced European dates, she then cancelled them all. stop with all the fucking complaining and just enjoy what comes
  8. Thought something was coming pretty soon, tour starts next week what the fuck is taking so long.
  9. Eugh. That song is so basic. Ai ai ai, AAY AY AAYY just basic and repetitive and whilst I understand the Pitbull collaboration because he’s supporting her on tour, I really do hope the track doesn’t just have him repeating the same old, tired, unimaginative likes like “ay mi madre”, dale, mr worldwide, I like ass, tits, ooh” BLAH BLAH FUCKING BLAH
  10. Maybe we should scrap your profile
  11. Grow up. Literally pathetic. “Need a nude scene” that’s all she’s gotta do to make people happy. Take her clothes off? Nothing more creative or artistic? Basically just the exact same as all the other videos... take all your clothes off...how fucking unoriginal and unimaginative. Boring. How about a storyline and some amazing choreography.
  12. .......................she's literally doing her residency at planet Hollywood
  13. So we know that Britney will be heading back to Vegas after some international touring this summer. This means a few things I think. Firstly, I think it will mean a BIG new era. The vegas show has moved location, and will basically need a different theme/setup in order to be fresh and keep ticket sales high. Piece of me had all the hits; the new show will need new hits. it's going to need enough new material to justify creating a whole different show for a period of like a year or however long the new residency will be. Secondly, the new material needs to be out and creating a buzz earlier than the tickets for the new residency go on sale. With gaga and Gwen Stefani both heading to vegas, Britney will need a big enough buzz around her new show to compete with those who haven't already done vegas. So I think we can be quite excited guys- I think the Glory material may feature more in the new show but there's gonna have to be something really fresh and big!!