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  1. No stupid answers please. I'm just wondering. So domination isn't coming back, that's pretty certain. Whatever comes next will be something else. Do you think that will take place this year, or next? We know that she has spent considerable time working on an album over the past two years approximately, so the ground work is laid. When do you think this may be coming?
  2. The whole situation is very confusing and concerning, but this free Britney thing from fans is irresponsible, presumptuous and rude. something is certainly off, but I’m not a fan of how we’ve all just jumped to the conclusion that Britney has had all control removed from her life. Firstly, her dad is not a psychiatrist, he doesn’t have the power to commit someone to a facility against their will as he has zero medical authority and cannot legally make that decision. Secondly, if she is being kept there against here will, would they be offering her day passes? ultimately though it’s not our business and maybe Britney wanted to spend some time there, in which case the free Britney fans look like a bunch of dicks.
  3. there's like 100 other songs you can listen to, I'm sure you'll get over not listening to one album track from 14 years ago or whatever
  4. but what, so they're gonna launch a new residency. that's the announcement? and then later in the future release a new album? how will the new album then fit into a residency which has already started? re work the second residency half way through?
  5. I don't really see how they are gonna push and promote an entire new show, without new music and a new era to go with it. otherwise, they're gonna be using old songs for the setlist and all that's gonna be is a re-worked version of POM. it's fairy certain that B10 is coming at some point, this would seem like a good moment to launch it really.
  6. well the announcements gonna slap you hard when it comes and you find out it's a celebratory 20 year anniversary edition of a new album 2 X CDs with new material on disk 1 and unreleased material on disk 2, as a new single and music video and and bye.
  7. if they were on set as they were recording the episode today or yesterday or whatever, then how come none of them know what the announcement is? when they all sat in the room ? and yet they know the date will be October 18th?
  8. What the fuck is wrong with you? Why you spending your time making bitchy negative little posts like thisz
  9. Oh my god. That is absolutely flawless. It’s literally rocked my whole world this morning. And that music. Oh wow, please let that be some kind of taster of b10. Queen, I love you!
  10. What exactly would be the point in a new residency in a new threatre with basically all the same songs. i said it before, she needs to release new music with at least one massive single and a totally new era to keep people interested and ticket sales high. After 5 years of POM, people aren’t gonna continue to pay to see the same songs in a different order
  11. Few weeks back we were all creaming our knickers and gagging over apple emojis. now there's literally no mention of new music.
  12. The shows are always pretty good. Exhale is such a sad place. It’s sad for Britney that people who are supposed to support her actually bring her down. I think it’s important that we make Britney feel loved and appreciated! She’s been giving us a piece of her for 20 years!
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