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  1. I'm not as disgusting as Fatdelle is with her unhealthy habits and lack of self control. Report me all you want. Read my comment to Laracroftonline. Again, keep contributing to Adele's death simply because you refuse to acknowledge that she needs to lose a lot of fucking weight. Being beautiful doesn't make it okay for you to treat your fucking body as a dumpster. Britney inspires us to be healthy. You and the majority of her fans should be against what Adele is doing especially if you're her fan. I'm reporting you back for contributing to Adele's slow death by eating.
  2. I can tell you that too. Go fuck yourself. For someone who loves Britney, you sure as hell don't want Adele to live. Keep contributing to her death by overeating an lack of self control. Good luck with that.
  3. It's not body shaming. Stop making excuses for this cow. How come people like Britney and most of her fans get inspired to maintain a healthy weight and yet we let Adele just eats herself to death, literally. Do you want her to die because of her lack of self control? I may be "body shaming" her but you're allowing her to kill herself with food simply because you don't want to "hurt" her feelings. If anyone is doing damage her, it's YOU and ONLY YOU. I would rather "body shame" her by being honest about the fact that she's putting her own life at risk and being selfish towards her fans by not taking her care of her body. If Adele dies from overeating, her fans are going to be crushed because she truly is talented and gorgeous for that matter. And just so you fucking know, I'm eventually gonna fucking move on after posting this. But Adele and her hardcore fans are going to suffer if anything happens to her because everybody is afraid of "body shaming" her. One of the reasons why Britney inspires me is because she maintains a healthy figure and eats right. If Britney taught us anything, it's that your body is a temple not a dumpster.
  4. Have you been living under rocks from 2007 till today? The GP lost support mainly because she doesn't dance like she used to anymore. This was her main craft. Her old fans let her lipsynching slide by because she danced like hell. You guys can put it whichever way you want but Britney will never measure up to her old self because she's a crap dancer nowadays who looks like she's trying to catch up in aerobics class.
  5. It went to her Children foundation camp thing. :pieceofwhat: :pieceofwhat: Lol at you guys falling for this.
  6. I read it: Jim Carey has a boyfriend..
  7. You got: Christina Aguilera You are a force to be reckoned with. Not only are you incredibly talented, but you attack life with vigor and ferocity. People love being in your presence because you are passionate and enjoy helping others follow their dreams. D-do your thang, honey! I got Legend X bitches! I love them both â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸
  8. Happy Birthday Britney's zone!

  9. When I watched the beginning of it, I was like "That's it! She's back after that VMA mess". I expected a killer dance routine (like MATM) but she didnt dance at all. I felt sooo disappointed.
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