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  1. Any Britney fan accounts on Twitter want to f4f? My username is itsbxnbitch
  2. It wasn't a very popular show anyways so I don't think it matters, I only heard of it because Britney was going on it
  3. Yes definitely! I love how they are always adding to the Sims 4 every month with free updates, stuff packs, game packs, expansions. toddlers really need to be added!
  4. Really? Hmm fair enough! I just love the Sims 4 haha
  5. Yup! I actually really dislike The Sims 3, I'd normally get bored after 5 mins and end up turning it off. I didn't help when I had it I didn't have a good computer to run it, but yet again I'd tried running it on my new one (which runs Sims 4 fine with max settings) and it's still lags. So do you like the Sims 4?
  6. This is fucking ridiculous. I'm not just saying this because I stan for Britney, but she really did have one of the best looks of the night. What's funny about it is, they didn't have the nerve to even @ Britney.
  7. Happy Birthday YouWannaPieceOfMe!

  8. I have no idea what to expect from Brit tonight, I'm so excited, glad she is finally going!
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