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  1. Happy Birthday Feelslikethecrowdissaying!

  2. Seriously though, a huge part of this is Iggy, she has like 0 credibility, ffs theres a #StopIglooAustrailia2k15 people want blood so this was bound to happen! We'll see what everyone thinks after the performance where hopefully Brit's slayage can compensate for Iggy's presence, poor girl.
  3. you're right, EVERYONE rips her to shreds anytime she moves a muscle, and she doesn't help herself, hope this is just an album track
  4. I nearly had a heart attack, I thought she was singing criminal.
  5. The Grammys have shown themselves up big time over the years, they must be embarrassed that even Beyonce and Jay Z, who perform and attend, show little interest in actually winning them since their value has gone down, Jay Z even said Blue Ivy had a new gold sippy cup when he won, they must of died hahaha!
  6. Some one needs to do a side-by-side who of the 1st pic and the behind-the-scenes pic of outrageousney, Brit is a milf and haters will deal
  7. this is so embarrassing, just let people have different tastes and by trying to force Brit on people, do you really think they're going to think 'Oh yeah, she's Queen'? There's room for all
  8. Wait, didm''t the GM makeup artist confirm Brit was only on set for like 40 minutes after being hours late? How could she have possibly filmed a whole funeral/kidnapping sequence in that time and in that head space?
  9. Doesn't matter who called her out, she still did it.
  10. So did mine they were just all on sale when I asked about the price of one the manager was trying to sell it to me by saying that they're all on sale because the line is being discontinued?
  11. n o. It's because of Iggy's cultural appropriation, trying to make light of the eric garner case, homophobic and racist tweets etc. So why would Brit support someone like that? Brit's wayyyyy too good for her.
  12. Yeah but iggy has no hype about her whatsoever so if she's a racist, that's not going to cause blackout success, they'll just think Brit's stupid