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  1. I always wonder what do people use for the french speaking part? Is it from something?
  2. Though they did make her a bit bratty and diva like but I can let that slide cuz I love that show! She needs to come back, being kicked out of the house was not a good way to end her character.
  3. I like some of her songs but other than that, i hate that she really tries to play off this lolita innocent girl like Britney. Don't know if its her douchebag manager telling her to do it but its so annoying and try hard.
  4. She really making obvious she wants a daughter.
  5. Obviously they got it sorted all out otherwise they wouldn't commit to doing the shows. And why should it be your concern? I doubt Celine's kids fly to canada just for school when they live in vegas. You can watch her documentary and see her daily routine from home to the venue and its hardly a trip to the airportto drop off her kids.
  6. Wow, her songs are perfect for Britney amd very deep. If there's a ballad, she should be the one to write. Sia is so overrated.
  7. Is that the only thing new? I like the picture but it looks fanmade.
  8. What? That was barely anything! I wish she spoke about the toxic outfit.
  9. Im surethe bodyguards or the staff caught it. It didnt looklike she threw it too far.
  10. Yeah at first it felt less iconic and grand compare to the ball but now I love it and think its even better, it feels more vegas.
  11. Max Martin will give us nasalney and I'm not here for that. He never gives her anything groundbreaking, they are always radio friendly songs and never fresh. Britney is grown up and she needs producers that treat her like one. He doesnt.
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