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  1. It's pictures and video, they just showed a preview of what's to come.
  2. She doesn't need it, and all I hope is she doesn't feel uncomfortable with the way she looks. She looks amazing right now. But if she does get it, its her life and her choice.
  3. Given all the mass shooting the Us has seen over the past two years, and the call for more censored violence and gun use in media...it wouldn't have been a good look. Disappointing but understandable.
  4. I don't even know why they chose that outfit of all Circus ones, she looks good in that picture, but she looked a messed in that performance
  5. No, they just don't have the money to put into it anymore, with the large gallery they host upkeep and funds aren't small. They've asked for donations before, but I guess no one was helping them.
  6. No thanks, I'd rather not have it waste a spot in POM. Perfume on the other hand she could sing live, it is much more impressive. Her vocals on the finished version of Alien aren't that great either. Something like HOT or Perfume is better for her , her deeper register is were it is at.
  7. I just think RCA pulled the plug, by the time she went to the UK it was already evident WB was over. It underperformered everywhere, except Canada. So when she went to the UK and still nothing, RCA was done. Perfume was the final nail on that coffin, and Britney Jean's release was just the dirt covering it. They did the same thing to Pink when Blow Me came out the gate with nary a splash, they didn't put much steam behind her, but then it became a hit cause she actually promoted and they rode that campaign hard, and Try furthered it along. They did Britney like they did Christina, and both Christina and her couldn't have cared less.
  8. Lol, and you guys believe this cause some random unknown PJ user said so? Another "fan myth" that will become "fact" by next era I swear half of the things we know about her albums, are all from uncredited sources
  9. It isn't doing very well, her last leg had about 7,000 unsold rickets. And she hasn't had a sold out show since her first 4 shows two years ago
  10. Celine did the same show for 5 years, with over 200 shows a year. I highly doubt they will rework a 50 show a year residency.But on another note, I hope she does extend. Her show is doing better than any show has since Celine's first stint. Thank God it didn't go the way of Shania's "Still The One (No One Wants To See)."
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