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  1. Love how y'all are standing up for Britney - who has been a lazy biatch in terms of promo. Iggy was right. Britney is wrong. End of.
  2. Brad Pitt in that picture with long hair is literally like the male version of Britney. Well... the male version of Primeney with those abs.
  3. Truth hurts, eh? Lemme guess, "Iggy should be grateful to have ever BEEN on the same single as Queen of The World Britney and she even got to perform live with her, she should be thankful!!" :juggingu:
  4. OMG spill that T Iggy!!! Britney needs to see that Tweet and respond to it with, "Sorry Iggy. I let you down, my fans down and myself down. I'll never not promote again." I'd freak out with a happy meltdown!!! I've felt bad for Iggy since day 1, she clearly gave a fuck about PG whereas Britney just wanted to put 5% of effort in and expect it to be a hit.
  5. I'd love this tbh. If she can't dance like she used to, she should focus on her voice - the thing that made her a hit in the first place.
  6. Didn't say that. I said she CAN learn them, but she dumbs them down to the point of being 20% what they originally were. If she was only doing a 10 minute set instead of a 90 minute set, she'd be able to focus on learning more complex choreo and her energy wouldn't sag.
  7. Love POM or hate it, Britney has lots of armography and some actual choreography to remember (BTI, WB, breakdowns etc etc...) so when she releases her next album it cannot be when POM is still going. Even with all the existing POM choreo, she WAS able to learn a new routine for Pretty Girls, BUT the routine wasn't tricky at all and please nobody pretend it was. Did she dance it with attitude? Yes. But the choreo wasn't tough. What I'm saying is - she needs to be able to perform more difficult choreos for 1 or 2 songs from her next album when promoting on various TV programmes. I don't want her worrying about 20 choreos from an upcoming world tour or 20 choreos from the residency. I want Britney to be able to focus on performing less choreos, but harder choreos. And you should agree with me if you EVER want another iconic Britney performance to grace your TV screens
  8. Even when she's trying her best to sabotage her career, the sales just won't let up. Britney must be the most reluctant slayer on the charts
  9. Imagine if Marco makes her wear this during her next POM leg
  10. Yay! She's not posing with some hot adult male trying to make Charlie jealous
  11. Yes it's frustrating how she doesn't dance like Primeney, but she packs in literally most of her big hits and really showcases FF for the amazing album it is. She seemed really into the show and focused. Piece Of Me was lame because it was different to the masked performance of it that I'm used to seeing, but Burning Up was fun, Slave was hot, DLMBTLTK was live, Toxic was kinda cool with its Japanese twist although I do wish she could've ditched the sleeves and dance hard at the breakdown, Womanizer was better than it is in POM, Gimme More sucked as always (the song never works well live IMO) and her hair looked good (although extensions kept getting in her face and annoying her.) Anyway I've always had negative memories of the FF tour and I still don't like it, but it's better than I remembered. If I had a 90 minute show, I'd have zero energy by the third song so she actually does well to keep up the energy. She's no Primeney, but she dances better than she did in the FF promo performances. From a 4/10 to a 6/10
  12. Why don't we just round it up and say Pretty Girls hit #5 in the UK? #DelusionIsMoreFunThatReality
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