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  1. What is she referring to with the whole racism & homophobia thing?
  2. I agree with all 3 points SO MUCH. I honestly don't think more promo would have made THAT much of a difference. It would've charted a bit higher, but i still think it would've flopped pretty badly. The truth is, it just isn't that great of a song. They tried to make a Fancy 2.0 and failed miserably. Iggy is very hated right now and she really just isn't that great of a rapper. Like you said, the best part of the song is the way Britney pronounces certain words and the way she sings her parts. It reminds me a little bit of how she sang in her older music, which I think was missing from BJ and even most of Femme Fatale. But at the end of the day, the song was very mediocre and Britney's parts aren't enough to save it. Then they released a music video for it that got a ton of hate. Again, they were trying to do a Fancy 2.0, but what worked about the Fancy music video was that people didn't totally hate Iggy yet when that was released. Also, the Fancy music video was basically a shot-by-shot reenactment of the movie Clueless, which worked well because the 90's are very "in" right now and teens of this generation have seen Clueless. However, the Pretty Girls music video was a reenactment of Earth Girls Are Easy, which very few people in this generation have seen and therefore didn't understand the references and thought the valley girl talking parts were just bad acting. I'm glad you posted this- I see a lot of people defending Pretty Girls, especially over on Exhale, and thinking it could've been a hit if it had been promoted properly. It isn't a bad song, but it also just isn't very good either. It's not the type of song you find yourself wanting to listen to over and over, and that's what Britney needs.
  3. She is such an inspiration. I can't deal with people who don't love or at least respect her for still being so sweet and humble after everything she's gone through.
  4. Some good choices for album titles: - The Myah Marie Collection - Pretty World - Term of Endearment - Nasty Bitch Mommy - Come See Piece of Me at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas - Britney Jean Spears - Nothing Like Louisiana Boys - Fucking Assholes Tbh the most likely title will be "Fantasy: Album Edition" tho
  5. Oh look, another pointless topic made by ElleWoods.
  6. Hun, the lyrics are "chick a tah." Like someone else said, literally every lyric website says chick a tah. The old version of britney.com also had them as chick-a-tah in the lyrics section, and the MATM physical promo cd has the lyrics in it & it says chick a tah:juggingu:
  7. When I was younger I thought she was saying "leaving behind my lemonade" instead of "leaving behind my name, my age" in I'm a Slave 4 U
  8. I forgot about this. Imagine if she still ran her own website and posted things like this? We hear so little of her own genuine thoughts these days, sometimes I forget she used to post diary entries and stuff on her website
  9. Ooooh, gotcha. I misunderstood. I thought you meant the actual words "Femme Fatale" didn't make sense or something. But yeah I see what you mean, it doesn't really fit the theme of an EDM/dance album with songs about dancing and love.
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