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  1. Baby one more time on the radio when I was kindergarten in 98. At 6 I thought saying hit me was hilarious!
  2. Yass I agree with what he's done for Taylor because her and Brit are my favorites .... Max Martin is literally the producer exerybody wants to work with and he's had so many number ones. Let's not forget "Love me like you do" Or basically 90% of what everybody puts out . But for real I'm so glad she's working with new producers some not really even know like Sam Bruno but I would love like a first hit smash from Max , and a few others to maybe be turned into a third or fourth single . The fact is he's been with Britney since day one and I think shd trusts him and so I would love it ..... Also throw some Danja in it!
  3. No more will I flop please! Britney please stay with new and upcoming producers
  4. PG was not even that big of a flop. It was #29 and has 80 million plus views on YouTube ..... Not a flop to me , especially since thousands of artists out there dream of having just one top 40 hit. I think if pg would've came out a year ago it would've been a huge hit. I just tbink Iggy has destroyed her image and oversaturated the radio and ppl were just over her, not Britney.
  5. This is a song called "Everytime" and I hope you like it ...." In 2015 lol
  6. Yes Josh Lee that smile the first time I saw it I literally freaked out.... Like terrifird. I was up my myself and I was like wow Britney tell somebody before you just go off and scare them!
  7. I love that Britney is doing a pose from the photo shoot where she pulls the strings back , while her kids are doing the album cover. Britney reminds me of this : While her kids remind me of this :
  8. Bring Melissa Joan Hart back for promo!
  9. Max Martin, Max Martin, Max Martin, Max Martin!!!!!!
  10. Wow great you all! My interprarion is that she went through something dark. It started out light but then she lost it like her innocence in a way. I'm still not completely sure because there's so many things to see and interpret
  11. Im not trying to start illumantney back up because it's not 2011 but for years after "Hold it Against Me" came out I rewatch it and get a whole different take on it. It's very weird in an artistic way and I was wondering if maybe Brit was trying to send us a message once again through this video , like she did with "Mona Lisa" and "Rebellion". I mean the white dress of innocence to the sexy black outfit. And the paint flying all over here and then the Battle of the Britney's. I'm like seeing something in it apart from the song and I know I seen it before but it never hit me until re watching it and also I saw the creepy face in that flashes for like less then a second in 2:25 and got legit scared. Not trying to be negative at all, that's why I left exhale I just want to know what you guys I interpret it as and if you think she was trying to convey a personal message about her life to us. The creepy face :
  12. I love Britney Jean but I'm more excited for all the new and exciting producers she's working with . Especially excited for what she did with Sam Bruno after hearing search party!
  13. I'm very excited! The producers she's been working with are going to help create a new sound and I'm so happy! Innovateney is on her way!