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  1. Can somebody translate what he's saying? I don't speak Chinese.
  2. I don't think she was being lazy, the hair was just too big and she did not feel comfortable with it, kinda what happens when she's wearing a wig. You can tell, at the end, the hair piece was falling off. I really don't understand why Glenn insists on doing stuff like that. Why can't she just go out with regular, long straight hair. Having a mini meltdown right now. I like the new outfits though.
  3. Honestly like you all talk about how you want her to promote an album SHE DOES NOT EVEN HAVE YET, make a new mv for a single THAT DOES NOT EXIST YET, and go on a world your which we all know IT'S PROBABLY NEVER GONNA HAPPEN AGAIN, seriously yall need to realize that this is better than nothing, what is she gonna do if she leaves Vegas? I think getting videos regularly of her performing live its better than getting a candid every 2 months. We dont know what her plans are, she may me working on an album while doing vegas, then when we actually DO have some new material she will promote. Seriously, over dramatic.
  4. I dont think she will, i mean check Jlo's dates for her shows, if Britney stays, she would not perform as many dates , so its like not worth it, there's not much profit from it for neither PH or Britney.
  5. Do any of you guys know what brand are her sunglasses?
  6. Why are we strangers when our love is strong, why carry on without me...
  8. She has to get them facebook likes. :ucrazy:
  9. Its amazing, but it was not as good at the beginning thats why people have a shitty perception of it now
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