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  1. Serious question: who is lexie and how is she relatie to brinty?
  2. Who are these girls and why do they have a pic of Britney in their hands?
  3. Shes so fat!!! I hate her lips What is wrong with her hair??? Her clothes are horrible
  4. Why do people think they know anything about Britney?? How do we know she does well now? And do well on her own? We dont... So stop speculating. The conservationship is there for a reason. If she proves she can handle her own stuff, it will end
  5. Christina has always been a dirty/slutty girl.. Thats what most people dont like. She has this bitchy look in her eyes. Britney has always been sexy yet innocent. Not too much tho. People like that, plus her songs are catchier
  6. You got: chillin with you. You like red wine and stiff dancing. You're always very chill
  7. I did for the first time 2 days ago... In Belgium in a 1 euro shop
  8. Perfume came out when I was in the middle of a break up. I needed a depressing Britney song at that time, but she didnt deliver. The song reminds me of the break up tho, thats why i dont really like it
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