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  1. Not gonna happen. We're still waiting for POM Vegas DVD.
  2. She has surfer dude hair and no one looks great in direct sunlight
  3. My stores never have anything! When the Buffy Entertainment Weekly Magazines were released, I went to my local Barnes & Nobles and they didn't have it. I find out about this Britney can and I go to Raleys, Savemart and they have the current packaging design. Wtf
  4. Whenever someone like him dies, I always feel like I wish I could be their friend and be there for them. Rest in peace.
  5. Ugh I really hope she comes out with some new routine or new song. I can't handle the disappointment if it's going to be POM.
  6. And so did Heath Ledger. Girl always has bad taste in men.
  7. I act like I don't know Britney and go up to someone and tell them someone sent me a track to listen to, "who is this?," I ask.
  8. So, can I say from now on that Blackout sold 16 million? I'm a bit shocked. It was always 4 million for me and these jumps are leaving me shook. I know this includes singles and streaming but that counts toward album sales apparently. Really cool.
  9. Please make Femme Fatale and BJ + Glory whether they're flops or not I never took into account how much single sales add to the album sales. I always only focus on the actual albums sales. Does streaming really help as well?
  10. sad for buffy and it would've been awesome for her to have a sitcom