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  1. I clicked my notification so fast!!
  2. Let's play a game where we explain what a Britney song is saying. Example: Ooh La La is about how someone is seeing a spark with someone and they want them to come be their boo. Each member leaves a person below a song. I choose Why Should I Be Sad GO!
  3. By instinct you touch the person next to you when taking a picture. Maybe she forgot the rules, I mean she was probably so nervous in front of her. I would forget my birthday if Britney asked me how old am I, come on.
  4. I wonder what compels her to choose a random thing to wear on stage. Is backstage full of every POM prop ever?
  5. I was so close to filming a video of me smashing it with a sledgehammer POV style and then have my balls show in shadow on the background
  6. Same. It's so cute. I would be ok with her just talking up there for 3 minutes.
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