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  1. Honey, I'm Home! and I just sang it with lyrics!! YASs!
  2. Can you please elaborate? Is it not sexy enough, too sexy, are you not into the outfits?
  3. I can't play this song right now. I love Heart though. Everyone on Exhale back then hated it and I always defended it.
  4. Can I get this magazine in the US????? and where!!!!!!!!??????
  5. She looks so GORGEOUS, so good. P.s. i wanna come for the photoshop police out there! Them bitches think no profesional photo gets retouched. Fuck them and their insecure, jealous asses!
  6. Dark theme, brunette again! Primeney had 4 blonde albums Then BO happened Currentney has 4 blonde albums ....IT'S TIME
  7. Yes, I need some good slaying. Not to be a downer or anything but what exactly are we expecting? Photo shoot? Music? Video?
  8. Not giving her my view but I agree they're similar based on a few gifs I've seen. Taylor remains basic. Nothing has changed.
  9. Yeah I know that's why i shared the pic so we can laugh and drag the person who posted it!
  10. Post a song with the corresponding letter in the alphabet. If there is not a song for a letter just put the letter by itself. I'll start: And Then We Kiss
  11. Sis chill, I just wanted to use that gif. It's all shits and giggles with me.