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  1. I've never cared about Britney or pop music, in fact I hated it all since about a month ago (used to be into metal primarily - all my friends and ex band members still are) but since the last few weeks just haven't been able to stop listening to certain Britney songs (work bitch, till the world ends, gimme more) since a guy I know introduced me to them.
  2. Ok this feels super weird - but I've been listening to Britney jean and femme fatale for the last 2 weeks and I think I'm getting addicted to her - this feels super strange....
  3. I listened to the whole of femme fatale, it was a weird experience - really not what I expected at all. Some of the songs were very pop like, others were like techno or something - it was weird for me cos I always hated pop and techno! The weird thing it's catchy and addictive and it kinda makes me want to listen to it again
  4. Haha that's an amazing story - I'm definitely in the listening secretly category!
  5. Yeah wow, I went for a run with work bitch and it was sooo intense, the lyrics are unusual but the beat is just unbelievable - sometimes I think you appreciate the details of music more when you exercise because your mind is so focused, but gosh work bitch is amazing!
  6. the weirdest thing is the beat, i normally DESPISE any music that has a repetitive beat, but i don;t know what it is about work bitch, it's just so addictive for some reason - its really weirding me out
  7. ok, so.. ive just got back home and.. oh dear.. ive put work bitch on youtube - this is kind of ridiculous, i don;t think even my friend realises ive listened to it this many times - do you guys think i should listen to anything else?
  8. haha, I don't recognise any of those types of music - I guess I'm out of the loop
  9. interesting stories, for me it just feels so weird.. and so kinda wrong listening to pop - I mean Britney Spears of all people! I'm really not sure how that happened, but there's just something about that song.
  10. Hi, I was just searching for Britney Spears and found this post so I decided to sign up and reply. I've always been into rap and metal, never ever cared about pop but about 2 months ago I listened to Britney Spears for the first time at someone's house (a guy I know but not a close friend) and I have to admit I just have not been able to get the song (work b!tch) out of my head - it's a really strange and unusual feeling but the beat is so intense and addictive I have to admit I've listened to it secretly at home on YouTube and stuff like that. My friend thinks it's really cool and thinks I should listen to more - but I really don't know what I'm doing and I have to admit I'm a little bit embarrassed by it - I guess I wondered what you guys thought?
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