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Kylie Minogue.

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  1. Has she said that ? I thought it was Iggy's
  2. Urban like FF ? I want something new and ORIGINAL.
  3. I'm not that satisified. She's just lazy and doesn't really care for her career that much anymore. I mean, I hate when I here her saying that "I don't have to prove myself anymore." Lol, no. We constantly have to prove ourselves. Or she expects people to praise her best work forever ? She needs to evolve, her music to get better everytime. Also, her dancing skills. She's just lazy. I'm so furios at her not giving a single damn. I love her and I know she can be the best, she has the potneial. But if she doesn't care and doesn't want to, all that potential is in vain. I hate to see people praising basic artists like Taylor or Katy getting praised every freaking moment when they're not that special. I know if Brit wanted to, she'd prove them who's the best. But no, she chooses to let others be on top. Like why ? She's come so far, why screw it all like in a freaking moment ? I want her to deliver good music and her dancing be amazing again. So yeah, I'm not that satisifed with Britney at the moment.
  4. I want new songs not POM versions. Britney >?
  5. I want a strong mv. Like, something excellent after the mess PG mv was. Like, seriously, she needs it bad. All I want is that they listen to what she has to say and actually create a mv based on the concept she has in her mind. Toxic mv was her idea and it is her best mv to date. They should let Britney do what she wants to
  6. Beside the hair, that's not that great, she looks good
  7. I love Hilary and her brand new album tbh but I honestly don't think she'll ever touch Britney's level of iconicness? and fame
  8. I wish it would have said "Brintey Spears - Tom's Diner by Giorgio Moroder"
  9. I just hate those poor views But the comments seem positive to me, or at least the majority, as what I've only read