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  1. This is so confusing Will make me streams and sales going to be included in first week sales I dont get it Ps,clumsy,mm > 30 milion streams already/1,500-20,00/SEA 150,000 track sales/10-15,000 TEA So already 35,000+pure sales(?)+in 2 weeks this numbers will be even bigger Could this be possible??please tell me if I'm wrong ?
  2. Who the fuck is he Did he said " shat my pants"
  3. Im just good Samaritan,fully devoted to Godney
  4. When i saw it I was like and deleted my skype account
  5. He have a small dick thats all im going to say
  6. Maybe he really did. Woow this makes me proud to be whore that I am
  7. Not sure, i mean, he said that he did ,but i dont trust him,btw later he askd me if i want him to buy "One Dance " instead of "make me"
  8. You should all be like me
  9. WAIT.... how can cheap trills sold more copies,it's not even in top 3
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