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  1. We saw these rumors last year too but idk I have a feeling these might be true this time More buzz around it this time and even verified accounts have been talking about it now. I guess were just gonna have to wait and see
  2. Glory was and still is one of the best most solid albums that Britney has ever released!!!! I'm still growing back ma hair from the damn scalping it gave me! We all know now that Britney has been working on new music and although a time frame and release date is still too soon to put can you just fucking imagine how much more B10 is gonna scalp us! Britney right now is in top shape and not just physically but mentally too! You can tell shes finally happy, having fun and the bitch is just FEELING herself! B9 was the return to form. B10 will be the Legendary Miss Britney Spears! We aint ready!
  3. The Slumber Party music video is like this!!!!! MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!!
  4. Im going too sis!!!! Can't believe shes coming to our town!!!!! Im ready to get scalped tbh!!
  5. Liar for sure. It be more powerful with this scenery and a more upbeat dance would fit this background too
  6. I would love a music video in like a night street with cool artsy fartsy colors and fog. It make for a great dance scene too
  7. Ive always wanted a music video like this where current britney helps past britney and tells her everything will be alright kinda like a Lucky-esque video
  8. I think she will by that time she shouldve already had more than enough time to create new routines unlike she did for these past festivals. Regardless ima enjoy seeing her do her thing on that stage
  9. This bitch is just performing at every festival !!! Damn she really is coming through with all this promo and exposure!!! It really is such a GREAT time to be Britney Stan!!!!
  10. This is sooo important!!! Her team better not cut any of this Shes being real, deep, and truthful!! When will "For the Record" ?!?!
  11. Im sippin on some starbucks getting ready to go home what about you sis?
  12. You dont wanna get to know the touch of your hand?
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