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  1. UPDATE Hey whats up guys, I just wanted to leave an update for the ƎLƎMƎNTS project. My bud was officially hired yesterday. The video will be shot in a 2 week period (not consecutively). A portion of it will be shot here in Los Angeles in a school near washington and ventura blvd. Another portion of it will be shot in a studio (Culver City probably) and the rest will be shot on location (tbd as of now). My bud says everything is a top secret, so I wont reveal any specific content (storyboards, concepts, music, lyrics, and things like that) to not get my friend in trouble and also to not feel like a d!ck This project is gonna be huge.
  2. “she helps accelerate our acceptance” mmmm and the picture seems forced
  3. The red carpet has started And rumors say that she is supposed to not go in there
  4. Good look with that Ignoring the song that will be her opener for the next 10 years and the highlight dance routine of her tours the fun start in 2 months for me idk about you
  5. Jlo only two songs from her maybe... and then the featured ones
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