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  1. RT @britneycharts: Spotify Update ♦️ Make Me... Day 09: 7.285.705 Day 10: 7.853.298 (+567.593) Day 11: 8.523.774 (+670.476) https://t.co/7…

  2. RT @PieceofBritney: Britney Spears making you feel fat since 1998 https://t.co/jo6KFqalJq

  3. RT @hesjustniceee: Who the fuck are y'all?? https://t.co/4e0EGSsImz

  4. RT @britneysgalaxy: This is hot as ice ?? #MakeMe https://t.co/t1HX4ucBZB

  5. RT @Mah64x_: ريتويت اذا مو راضية تطلع من مخك . https://t.co/urtShFAE3p

  6. RT @FiebreBritney: Britney Spears #12 in the ranking of most beautiful woman in 2015 👌🻠https://t.co/NiYoWosQIg

  7. RT @vogue_italia: Big in 2016: @zaynmalik Cover Story de L'uomo Vogue di Gennaio https://t.co/mgdht6JEhL

  8. RT @britneycharts: Femme Fatale (276.446) has the 3rd best selling week in US this decade by Female Artist who debuted last century https:/…

  9. RT @Rated_Sky: @army_britneys @britneysgalaxy Wished I could do better.. lol ! Here's what I did anyways. https://t.co/ILuiJDXFEZ

  10. He votado #VideoVeranoMTV Britney Spears. ¡Ahora te toca a ti! Vota aquí: http://t.co/TAy7sULZkD

  11. RT @SlaveForUBrit: "Pretty Girls" becomes Britney Spears' 9th Billboard Dance Club Songs No. 1! http://t.co/uaVnQbNlIj http://t.co/dO8dTrb2…

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