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  1. 1. Oh baby baby... 2. Ooh yeah... 3. I know I may be young but I've go feelings too. 4. All the people in the crowd, grab a partner take it down. 5. It's Britney, Bitch. 6. Superstar, where you from? How's it going? 7. This kitten's got your tongue tied in knots I see. 8. There was a time I was one of a kind. In order from best to worst. Britney Blackout In the Zone Britney Jean Femme Fatale Circus ...Baby One More Time Oops!...I Did It Again
  2. Can't Make You Love Me Vs. Hold On Tight
  3. ugh if only this could actually happen
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3lkwmsmVJI
  5. UGH I HATE EXHALE. When I saw these candids I literally thought omg her face looks so good lately. She has that "britney" face. The only negative thing I had to say or I thought of was the top kind of makes her boobs sit too low. But really exhale she looks beautiful.
  6. Love the current color! It's not bleach ass blonde! and there's some dark parts on the bottom.
  7. Guys settle down this aint exhell. The OP is being a little brutal and somewhat rude about it but the fact of the matter IS that Brit is not very popular right now. She definitely doesnt have many papz following her. Now settle down there'sno need to attack eachother.
  8. I mean it is true she is singing when she can during the dance numbers. It's just really strange that a track is used over the ballads for like 98% of the ballad. I mean sometimes you can hear her voice but they have the track on so loud when she sings. I understand the point of putting it up and lowering it during the dance segments (there has been plently of proof of her singing live during wb and gm/bti/pom) but i dont get why the track is all the way up for perfume and lucky (i somewhat understand everytime because she's in the air and also let's be real even when that song came out her voice could not easily and naturally hit those notes. Her real voice is closer to BOMT)
  9. Why would I feel sorry for him haha? I'm just saying it's a funny coincidence. Fuck Jordan.
  10. Eh...I think it would sound better if they didn't say "Work Work" and just said "Work" it sounds sooo much better
  11. Isn't he Britney's age when she went through her 2007