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Jack Spears

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  1. What sites do I use? I live just above London and I want the ticket for the 27th? for the O2 arena, but it says I can't even view the tickets until the 26th of January? I just wanna make sure I get good tickets/good view
  2. Makes sense. The song was never performed after the breakdown, it was performed in every tour/set-list since 2004. The lyrics would make a lot of sense still to this day due to her c-ship but yeah, would be kinda awkward still.
  3. Probably because she's bored with her career, take the hint and stop all being delusional retards. xo xo
  4. It is a bit of a shit show in general, Britneys fault, managements fault? Who knows. Costumes are unacceptable for where its set in and for the scale of the performer, the dancing and let's be brutally honest is not worth what the tickets, accommodation cost plus on top of that it isn't live vocals which we all know and not bothered about but more effort should be put into it, but then begs the question... DOES SHE CARE? PROBABLY NOT. XO XO
  5. [youtube] /youtube] What do you think?
  6. Maybe they're just using it to promote it more, since they realised her "fashion shows" get a lot of attention so why not use her own songs.. stop thinking with your emotion and getting your hopes up.
  8. how do I see the video? will it be uploaded on youtube? how do I get onto the mtv wonderland show?
  9. Some of it's good but it's still quite mediocre in all seriousness, 80% of it is her just grinding and waving her arms. (I'm not throwing FFT shade) at this point I feel like either the Choreographers who make this up are shit or they make up really good stuff and she just doesn't want to do it. I mean, as a die-hard Britney fan i'll always love it but the GP won't.
  10. It better be something big to be honest lol. They need to use the performances to promote the new stuff, not her old hits.
  11. Eh, i'm just kind of bored of watching her perform now. The choreography and way she moves is so dry and has hardly any passion or fire in it. IN MY OPINION. Like, if I saw her live and we all know she doesn't sing live, her choreography needs to feel and look more alive which is hard when you don't actually care about your career that much, but this is just my opinion so blergh.
  12. Like, how do I view the livestream? I can't find it on Itunes