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  4. LMAO https://t.co/cRRVGmXa0D

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  9. @Total_Rewards are you able to help if @RioVegas is not able to ?

  10. @atomtickets any promo codes?

  11. @sbingner good evening. I’m receiving an “cannot refresh” error in Snapchat which may be because of TetherMe.

  12. @Backstabberlie double ??? So if she doesn’t want to go why are they making her!? Her story isn’t over!! https://t.co/N47bbAKfJQ

  13. @OnsurezArik hey ! What’s up!

  14. RT @CrossFit: CrossFit is about changing lives. @CrossFitGames https://t.co/hsAnE6s7Ou

  15. @sbingner Makes sense. Understandable. Thanks for replying!

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