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  1. That's how I feel at the moment. I feel sorry for Iggy, she doesn't deserve half of what's been coming for her, but if the gp can't handle both of them together, one will have to go and it should be the "D.R.U.G.S" singer.
  2. The queen is accepted by SJW again, slay those illegal downloads, PG
  3. She's with that friend delusion again... When this card was played for the last time, Don Philip was kicked out of X Factor.
  4. Legend, earning respectable sums of money with her name alone while the others are working their limbs off.
  5. Though the song is not my cup of tea, I never really bashed it or called it basic. I like it for what it's and I won't hate it for what itsn't, that is being her worst song (not really) or being unsuitable for the radio (when it's nowhere as bad as half of the songs there and it'd have been a perfect summer smash). PG isn't a musical masterpiece, it wasn't meant to be, so using its quality to bash the song itself and its (under)performance is stupid :juggingu:
  6. Cool, I hope the booklet is as urban as it is.
  7. Maybe she's just not that kind of drama queens to burn everything after the break-up. Sure, she deleted the photos, but this is something she did for outsiders as I see it. Anyway, her own feelings remain unknown.
  8. If you're bringing up Madonna, don't forget to mention how "Bitch I'm Madonna" was received when the MV came out and it became quite well-known thanks to the celebrities. It was a disaster and PG wasn't even hated to that extent. It's a good indication of what can happen to Britney in the future if she keeps releasing such songs.
  9. I understand what Iggy might be coming from. She had a song with one of the most popular pop stars, she (and Britney's team, according to some rumours) expected it to be a hit and then their illusions were shattered. Iggy isn't at the top right now, isn't in favour of Americans (thousands of vines bashing her gibberish rap prove it) so she obviously had high hopes for the song. But my previous point still stands - what was the reason behind her hiatus, her engagement aside? PG flopped two weeks before the announcement, where was she with these bold statements? And why should I believe every single word of hers when we have only one side of the arguement? Some fans just want excuses / justification for Currentney bashing and Iggy delivered. Yes, she's free to vent her anger, just like Azealia Banks is free to vent hers, but she shouldn't forget she's a public figure and her words have power.
  10. I love Blackout because there are many meanings behind the word. We have Britney's own interpretation, we have her own life which was reflected by the title and the word itself has several meanings (a temporary loss of consciousness, a suppression of information) and in fact all of them were addressed in the songs (or the booklet). FF comes second for me. I discovered this trope, Femme Fatale, in 2010 and fell in love with it, then Britney made it her album title and I was really glad.
  11. I don't like the hologram either, but I imagine this is something her team would do if they were desperate for money from her music sales And they would probably teach it Britney's iconic moves / routine.
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