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  1. Haha oh man I love her face in the first and last picture! Like "Come on let me go already. It's Britney, bitch"
  2. Thank you so much!!! And OMGodney you did a perfect detailed job with this chart! B Army... So hot!! Congratulations to each one of you!
  3. Makes me so happy to see her smile
  4. Plays quite frequently in the radio too I feel proud as a Greek fan
  5. Omg you posted while I was writing my post and searching for a pic. We had the same thought. Haha. Totally agree. don't like short curly hair on her. It's ok but not as flattering as the straight and long.
  6. It's a fake smile and it's obvious. She forces her lips to smile. Plus I don't like this make up on her. Nude lips - not always a good fit. At the Bmas her makeup was more flattering and natural https://heavyeditorial.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/britney-spears-thumb1.jpg?quality=65&strip=all&w=780
  7. Cuties!!! <3 Love the fact that she is always around and supports their hobbies. The best mom ever!
  8. 1.2 Ryan Jordan 1.4 Unknown Britney Fan 1.5 Gago Piedra Jose 2.1 Michael Ribezzo 2.2 King Anthony 2.3 Son of a Gun 3.3 T!m 3.4 Alberto Jean Garcia 4.3 Pokemonspears 4.4 Passenger 5.2 Valetgirls 5.6 Thanos Tsatalos 6.3 Brittany Bailey Wainwright 6.4 Olga LoveJay 6.5 Matilda 7.3 Ms Spearson Floie 7.4 Tori Young 7.5 Factory Girl Jelena 8.4 Stephanie Michelle Menetrier 8.5 Toxiccat 9.2 Zila Alsac 9.3 Cristina Smith
  9. Mine too! I love that attitude! The way she walked down the stairs, the hair flick, oh my god!!!
  10. Charlie's the one for her. Charlie <3's Britney! They look so good together. Plus he looks like a very kind man. Love him so far
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