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  1. RT @NetflixES: Para ellos, entender el Upside Down fue mucho más fácil que esto. https://t.co/mxmj0OWfwF

  2. She dreams a lot https://t.co/F1zoT8frbW

  3. RT @theweeknd: call out my name official video tomorrow. https://t.co/ADgMAaxQd8

  4. RT @britneyxcheetos: Taylor, Camila and Charli in the Republican tour bus https://t.co/pYd2DSmUg4

  5. RT @El_Hormiguero: Vuelve a disfrutar de @AnaG_ot2017 y @Aitana_ot2017 cantando en directo "Lo Malo" #AitanaWarEH https://t.co/9us5GCayeQ

  6. This bitch will T-ara the other girls I HAD ENOUGH DUMP THAT BITCH https://t.co/9kaduf8YJ9

  7. I’m pretty confident Bambi will join LOONA as the 13th member once she gets first place in Produce 48 https://t.co/4e7vhvX8E9

  8. ASHSJSJDD https://t.co/xNnq40GmQu

  9. Ok they do look similar. ? https://t.co/6YJ3zqX7y5

  10. RT @KelseyBich: Charli XCX trying to crowd surf over weak skinny twinks https://t.co/6vOrAOkNgo

  11. @bottyeo I only have tinder tho https://t.co/yfkXVK3GtK

  12. RT @babyboyhandsup: El hombre blanco hetero medio esperando a que salga una noticia de una mujer criminal para poder insultar a las mujeres…

  13. @jinsouldaiIy You have a point https://t.co/rfqgr6UO40

  14. This is shade to my girl Belinda hell nawl... not her fault she is loved again in Mexico while your last 3 singles… https://t.co/0rXGGF5pGJ

  15. There are only 11 but I’m still so happy ? https://t.co/X1KZTHtZEV

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