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  1. RT @JeremySpears3: Am I the only one who didn't watch Beyoncé's Coachella performance cuz I don't give a single fuck about it? 🤷🏼‍♂️ https:…

  2. RT @LuxxxSOClAL: Tinashe looks amazing in green ? https://t.co/FCBHWvrbEm

  3. RT @DadyChampagne: Protect cardi b at all costs. https://t.co/O79rKQ20gh

  4. Passenger, It should be easy, scream and shout, If I’m dancing, chilling with you. Almost every song from Britney J… https://t.co/rCCeqLR6i5

  5. RT @ahmzzd: Nah she usually look like shalissa https://t.co/4k3ZI7lzr0

  6. RT @youngcourttv: and Beyoncé made a whole album https://t.co/2eqxEWxtTj

  7. RT @hritneys: The power that that has, the intelligence that that has, the clearance that that has, the impact that that has, the access th…

  8. RT @ParisHilton: Marvel: "Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history." Me: https://t.co/4rxIDOccu6

  9. RT @britneyspears: So excited to announce my new campaign for @KENZO’s La Collection Memento No2 shot by @peterlindbergh!!! #kenzolovesbrit…

  10. RT @oohfather: Me yesterday: I really don't care about fashion Me after Britney's Kenzo campaign announcement: https://t.co/6bA1oZ1eOc

  11. RT @RCARecords: The wait is over. JOYRIDE 4•13 @Tinashe IS BACK! https://t.co/0CKjHx26FM

  12. RT @shamelessbrit: it’s 2018 and people still think “Britney” is spelled “Brittany” smh https://t.co/Txoth6KpyU

  13. STOP USING THAT FUCKING PICTURE!! https://t.co/Salyt5XSgu

  14. RT @andresbrit: - T as in Troy? - No, T as in Toxic is the best song ever created in the history of pop music. https://t.co/oQ1mrVe5HL

  15. RT @britneyspears: Going out tonight!! Found my red dress!!!!! ??? https://t.co/DMGgKtP2Gv

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