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  1. Happy Birthday icedmocha!

  2. yeah well, sure it's her choice, but...Britney you don't need that stuff at all! And it does look like an allergic reaction to what was injected into her lips, damn, stop hurting yourself Brinney, please! I mean I just don't get it, how did she ever get the idea that her lips weren't full enough?! I really hope they're gonna be back to normal soon, I don't want the stupid media like dailymail pick up on this and trash her.
  3. such a cute picture! I'm happy for her and the boys and that she looks like she isn't missing Charlie one bit, I'm glad she's just enjoying herself & hopefully she'll be full of energy for POM after her vacation
  4. agreed. When Work B*tch was released, blurred lines and wrecking ball had massive airplay and I think royals was still pretty big at that time, too. Selena's team made a wiser decision to release now.
  5. cool, I hope you get great pictures of her, have fun!
  6. Looking this good in a grey top and shorts, only Britney can pull that off. Her toned legs keep slaying me.
  7. yaaas, I choose to believe Chantal is not someone who would praise a singer's work if it's not good. I'm don't expect Britney's vocals to blow me away, I'm happy if they're somewhat like on Inside Out or Don't Cry, so fingers crossed.
  8. while her frustration is understandable, I feel like she worded it the way she did because she wants to prove she's badass, that second sentence seems so purposefully offensive..I'm not mad at her for responding like that, it just seems like she's looking for attention & it's not putting her in the best light imo. But do what you gotta do Iggy
  9. so Ryan was kind of trolling when he said she would be in the show. whatever, I didn't expect a new single, Britney is probably thinking about Hawaii & if she's gonna find herself a hot guy there lol
  10. I was genuinely shocked when I read it this morning, it makes me sad, especially when I think about that interview (people magazine? don't remember which one) where she said she still believes in the fairy tale, you know, finding the ONE. But you never know what's really going on between two people, I just really really hope those rumors about Charlie weren't true, him telling his friends that Britney was a nice girl but not smart enough for him, that would be so disrespectful of him.
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