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  1. She's ugly and irrelevant, never heard of her. kinda feel sick now you've posted a pic without the make up she looks EVEN WORSE.
  2. Only pop fans/Britney fans will have bought it this early. The GP won't be checking up on Britney but now it's had good radio play they'll start and buy it. It will do good, we have the video and billboard performance have faith you bitches.
  3. You better stop dragging Britney constantly in your posts, especially with that ugly avatar...
  4. Seriously this gets me so mad. Britney is one of the nicest celebrities around. She has almost 50 million Twitter followers and is always tweeting other peoples material. She tweeted Living for Love with the iTunes link for Madonna AND her album Rebel Heart with the iTunes link. She's done the same for Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift (also in interviews) and so many other people, but none of them return the favour by tweeting her material. I think it's DISGUSTING HOW THEY PAY HER BACK IN FILTH AND DON'T DO THE SAME FOR HER. I SEE NO CELEBS TWEETING THEIR LOVE FOR BRIT'S NEW TRACK.
  5. Some are working, most aren't... The odd few I get ''Thank you for your request'', the rest it comes up like that (underneath) and it isn't sending.
  6. No one buys CD's nowadays, not having a CD won't effect sales
  7. no one buys CD's now anyway, so it won't effect sales
  8. I prefer Tom's Diner tbh and think a video for that will slay me way more than Pretty Girls will. But I'm still here for Pretty Girls and have pre-ordered it (we don't get it for another 5 weeks in the UK... )
  9. It's probably going to be based on how it performs.
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