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  1. I don't care that much for the numbers it's just suck the joy of listening to a song
  2. thanx this thread is what I needed while I wait for tomorrow to come so I can watch the MV
  3. lets hope so cuz it fall from no 1 on iTunes to no 3
  4. my god radar online are so disgusting they are saying she is faking her injury
  5. don't worry ppl Brit will slay us one more time no pun intended
  6. I'm happy with Brit and the song and of course the MV that's is coming up and the Bma performance I just rather live in the now and be happy with what I get than being happy with what I don't get but that just me as a person and everyone is entitled to their own opinions like they to each their own
  7. and she replied Brits tweet by saying that that girl crush is mutual
  8. I love seeing Brit happy and her smile is so amazing it's lights up every room and this year we get 2 see more of that smile I'm so proud of her she's really stronger than yesterday she overcame so much and that is the definition of a strong pierce women
  9. yes it is true Brit is adding pg too the Pom set list and it is after crazy
  10. Tmz and dM will always talk smack about Brit no matter what she does what you gonna do they are pressed af and they are attention seekers
  11. I'm glad she's letting herself heal cuz all that matter is that she's ok and that she's healty the rest will sort it self out fell better Brit
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