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  1. I definitely pre-ordered this masterpiece earlier!!!
  2. I'm here at work and got the notification that she uploaded it to IG. When I tell y'all I legit shed a tear when the end came on and those high notes took my dead body to heaven to meet God himself ??! "Private Show" is EVERYTHING and I can't wait for the full song! I've been staying strong against the "Make Me" leaks so I can't compare, but I can tell #B9 is going to be eventful and worth the wait!
  3. Why am I getting "Tell Me What Ur Sippin' On" "This is AC" vibes from this picture and alleged collaboration?
  4. I will say Mustard is starting to play with some pop/dance sounds too. If you listen to his single "Whole Lotta Lovin'" with Travi$ Scott, it definitely has that sound I can see Britney going after.
  5. The struggle has been all too real because I found myself blasting the Oops!... album today
  6. Yeah I remember JoJo doing an interview back when she first hit the scene in 2004 how she sang for Britney and Larry and how Brit was supposed to be starting a label but her mom thought she was too young to have a deal at the time. And JoJo had some some hits until her label dropped the ball after "Too Little Too Late" single and The High Road album. Then Blackground Records held her hostage for so many years and had her release additional singles under some bogus deal a few years ago. I always said you can't trust a label if your own niece (Aaliyah) wanted to leave before her death and your office is in some glorified closet space still using an @msn.com email address for business purposes lol.
  7. I remember going to this show when I was 10 years old. One of the best times! And yeah this tour has some underrated moments. But I feel like she lowkey paid homage to OIDIA Tour with the opening of Work Bitch in Piece of Me because of the same sphere concept lowering down from the ceiling.
  8. They just finished airing Britney's segment on the show. She was soooo funny and even improvising some things too! Her personality really shined through and her style gave me ITZ realness. Even the parts where she was dancing with her dancers and the security guys had to protect her, just her moves alone reminded me of her Rain Las Vegas performance from back in 2003. Our girl is truly back and ready to slay this new B9 era!
  9. That was on the back in the day version when the video first premiered before adding those clouds to make up for it. I remember every hood chinese hair store and flea market selling those Louis Vuitton purses with the added smiley face flowers to them.
  10. Okay I'm sooo happy you pointed this out. I was thinking the same exact thing when people kept saying she's auto-tuned as hell when there's none detected on her voice for this song. Imma need them to listen to her discography prior to Blackout
  11. Ok first off, I'm new here to the Britney Galaxy after being a former frequent visitor of that other site (lol). Well I was trying my hardest not to listen to any leaks of "Pretty Girls" because I wanted to hold out for the official iTunes version and I needed the lord to rebuke me from hitting those LQ YouTube links. Then here I go in my car coming from work and I turned on the radio. Two seconds later, PG begins blasting. I literally pulled over on the highway to bask in the moment of the slaying that occurred. It sounds sooooo good on the radio and I can get used to it being a radio hit! The station (Hot 100.5 in Norfolk) then said they would play its world premiere on Monday morning at 9am and then every hour on the hour. The last time they did that was for "Ooh La La"
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