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  1. When is Mood Ring going to be released? I can't wait much longer!
  2. I'm 24...though soon to be 25. I was a fan in hiding for a few years (yes I know I need to repent for that) but once I was comfortable in me.... Then BOOM I unleashed my love for Britney and that was around '08...
  3. I can't contain myself...next Friday's drive to work will have my earbuds listening to new and pure Godney material.
  4. This one I think but I think you have to be a member and posted so many times...
  5. I thought I read some forum had the standard version of the album leaked? But I could be wrong...
  6. I can't seem to find the full version anywhere but damn do I love the preview. This album has got me feeling so emotional and I haven't felt this way since Circus...
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