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  1. if it happends i'm not fucking ready. i need some glue for my weave please. my 2 favs fdjksakjjbfsabakhsdf
  2. she wouldn't all of em' but like she could do one section for 2 albums. and have for exemple the bomt outfit with the BOMT/OIDIA section. then the MATM for Britney/ITZ and all that stuff..?
  3. the breakdown is actually the worst part but the verses are flawless
  4. Nicki Minaj and I still do seing her in 6 days
  5. that she changes POM to this: she would perfom all her hits starting from BOMT to her latest and recreate some of her most iconic looks/costume ? i would love to tbh
  6. guys she did not mention britney, she tweeted an article and said that she wasn't bashing them.
  7. this song is flawless. the lyrics are super cute and i love them. the vocals are on point and you will deal
  8. she's not an army member she told me: i'm still not a fan but she has all my respect
  9. i was on skype with my friend (who doesn't like britney at all) and told her about the britney quote about the cruel part of the world and all that stuff. she found it inspiring and i told her about for the record and explained a little bit about it. she wanted to see it so i gave her a link and she messaged me after and told me: omg this is so sad.. she got all my respect now and i think i would be dead if i was her. then she sent me the circus mv and told me that she loved the song especially the prechorus and chorus and found it flawless for the record is awesome
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