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About Me

Hey bb! My name is Mari and I've been a stan since the Britney album era. :)


I remember dancing to that album with my best friend with the lights off so we couldn't see each other's armography :giggle: good times...



sometimes I wish I had someone to dance to Britney in the dark with.. or watch Chaotic with...



just to stan with in real life. It's quite tragic :crying1:






anywhooo... my favorite albums in order of favorite to least favorite are...






1. Glory
2. Blackout



3. In the Zone



4. Britney



5. Baby One More Time



6. Oops I Did It Again



7. Femme Fatale



8. Circus



9. Britney Jean






My favorite era ever is ITZney aka Primeney because absolutely everything was on point back then :tbh:



Every Spearitual Sunday I pray that b9 will be Blackout mixed with ITZ :YEAKUHHUH:
(Update: Praise, Godney this prayer came true! :spearitualney: )



I'm very friendly, chatty, kinda goofy, really random, sometimes super weird. Message me on chat or pm me anytime! <3






I also make free signature gifs :oya:


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