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  1. I am very educated on this matter, and believe it to be bunk. I would say it's harmless fun, but it seems to be distressing you. :-(
  2. I think she'd decide to be a Mom and a dance teacher.
  3. Eep, this is true. I just looked it up and findlaw.com says specifically that the plaintiff need not be named....I didn't read the original article by Anthony so I don't know how explicit it was...not that I'm a lawyer or jury and can make that determination.
  4. Hahaha I remember when Oops came out I was really disappointed in how similar it was to BOMT.
  5. The moment she came up out of that pyramid I thought...nope. Guess she did, too!
  6. Oops, no one told me we were in 2009 again! Even squinting in the sun she looks healthy and young.
  7. I just hope this group and site doesn't have to shut down as part of a settlement. I'm not around super often, but this is the only Britney haven I have.
  8. She's been working since she was a small child, so part of me hopes that she does just go into some form of retirement, save for posting Instas of her working out and singing covers and inspirational messages and whatnot. But the timing of this "announcement" seems a tad coincidental...if what she really wants is control of her life back, and LONG AWAITED control over her creative destiny...well, as a longtime fan, that's very exciting. Either way, as usual I wish her well and want to support what is best for her.
  9. I chose Glory. I just really don't care for the BJ album, but Glory was beautiful and deserved so much more.
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