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  1. Without Photoshop she still looks amazing!!!
  2. Photoshopped or not.. BEAUTIFUL!!!
  3. Found this online... Very strange weird scary shit!! The name of her record company, Jive, is an anagramm. If you read it backwards, it says EVIL. That's a give away. Britney was tortured and raped from a very very young age. She was member of the Mickey Mouse Club, and all those kids were and are slaves. She is the only one who was trying to break free, and it started with her "nervous breakdown" when her artificially created personalities unraveled, and painful memories started to resurface. As a result, custody over her was handed over to her alcoholic father (who had probably abused her, too) and she was transferred to a psychiatric clinic. I would place any bet, that in that clinic she was subject to electro shocks, medication and reprogramming. Because when she was released, and started to "rekindle" her career, she appeared like a zombie, emotionless, automated movements, empty stare, her will obviously broken. This is what they do to their slaves, and as long as nobody from the outside world steps in to help them, they have no chance of escape. People, YOU HAVE TO HELP THESE POOR SOULS ! They have suffered more torture than most of you can imagine, they are being used and paraded around to help further the illuminativ agenda, and all they really want is to have their free will back.
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