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  1. WTF She didn't look like a princess heading to NY in the airport either -.-
  2. That's a lie tho. I'm on exhale and no1 spread such rumor. U did it yourself on here.
  3. Ikr I've been so busy with schoooooooooooooool urggghhhh
  4. Yaaaaaay! Anthony, no offense but could you just ... please be a little more professional with your work and the news u mainpage? Because it starts annoying people the way you repeat the words "slay, slay, slay, legend, slay ur faves, legend, blessed by Godney, slay, etc" ? Because it's very unprofessional. Even though it's all true, it's unprofessional and not appealing for people who for example want to join the site and are becoming fans, a wrong image of the Britney Army will be formed and we don't want to be a Beyhive 2.0. Thank you.
  5. OMG Lmao I feel retarded posting my pics while looking at yours: