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  1. RT @ThatsSoRyannn: I feel so bad the baby gays don’t get to grow up with a young pop girl who could dance like Britney and Bey like how do…

  2. RT @Edward_Enninful: The inspiring @adwoaaboah on the cover of my first edition of @Britishvogue. The December 2017 issue is dedicated to G…

  3. RT @itslaurenyap: lindsay lohan (and her whack accent) is defending Harvey Weinstein on her insta rn. GOODBYE TO YOU FOREVER. https://t.co/…

  4. RT @ira: In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will kneel against the vampires the demons and white supremacy. https://t.co/…

  5. RT @summerjscott: literally just saw a 10 year old girl wearing a shirt with sparkles that said "doing my best" fucking same bitch where'd…

  6. RT @borealis_: white gays https://t.co/5GH2887IBX

  7. RT @jyoungwhite: my mentor asked me "would you be friends with people who spoke to you the way you speak to yourself?" and I was fucked up…

  8. RT @kylegaddo: "why is millennial humor so weird?" it's called a resurgence of neo-dadaism, you uncultured filth. take an art class and ge…

  9. RT @BarackObama: "No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion..." https://t.co/…

  10. RT @ZerboJulie: The mean girls from high school are carrying Michael Kors bags now. Karma is very real.

  11. RT @NotAgainBen: Me all pride weekend https://t.co/aS7lCKBgs0

  12. RT @LouStoppard: Yet more unrealistic beauty standards for women at the couture shows https://t.co/N3IArZERBd

  13. RT @mariamjxde: Except when they come in the form of refugees apparently https://t.co/nxbpCvRufR

  14. RT @Ms_ZamaNdlovu: When your twitter bio says scholar/lawyer/fashionista/influencer. https://t.co/r4x532WKo2

  15. RT @WantYourHex: Great. I've wanted to ride Chris Evans for a while now. https://t.co/Vf5rKegWaL

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