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  1. Happy Birthday ThereCanBeOnyxOne!

  2. I was quiete closer when she gave me that autogramm. It was like 30 cm but this pics are privat even if some of u hate me for .. Hope u guys enjoyed reading. Britney spears – THE ONE AND ONLY – I love Britney spears. Thank you planet Hollywood for making this possible!!! ps. admin let me know when i can upload bigger pics or that buck is fixed.. dont get it Please quote for response to let me see. I will have a look later! Britney spears ! nothing- I said NOTHING in this world can describe the feelings I had. But maybe u got a clue now! Im out! ThereCanBeOnyxONE I walk that extra mile for you..
  3. well i got problems with the upload. i cant upload most pics cuz i t said im not allowed... dont understand that...some problems with the extension well maybe admin can help i upload later more pics then.. have fun guys [/uR L]
  4. Mein britney review First u guy please excuse me for my bad english. Im german and im not so trained. But here we go.. its maybe a bit late but I wanted to share this with those of u who cant go to pom… I flyed to vegas on the 9.3.2014 and stayed till9.9. I had two tickets for the show. One on the 5. And one on the 6. The first one was a ticket in section 104. And the second was in ga left. I had two buy two ones cuz I flyed over 7000miles alone (22h with 2 steps) to saw her. So I wanted to see her twice. Now I can say It was worse I had not x tickets. I should have bought 10.. I stayed in vdara hotel and spa which is quiet cloth to PH. It’s a nice hotel. No casino and no smoking but really cheap and great service. I had a panorama suite but it had no view on the Bellagio fontains so I got a free upgrade for penthouse. I made it with a trick but that’s not Britney relevant. That penthouse was amazing…. Ok I flyed over there alone and only for Britney. No distance is far enough to get me away from her J I love her so much the music the vibrations all!!! So lets come to the show. The theater is unbelieveable. Im sure it’s the biggest indoor lightning system worldwide. The stage is really impressing and I didn’t knew they got even some huuuuuge screen around the mainstaige. U can see that one only from far away so make sure u do it the same and book two tickets. Try to don’t buy ur tickets on ticketmaster. I buyed my ones over there and payed 600Dollar for the ga one which was hard but I would pay even 5000 for.. no matter all for the queen J the first show was quiet “short†like I was in and then IT WAS OVER??!! But it was impressive too and there where lot of nice guys around. The prices in the theater are really cheap fpor champaigne etc. I bought tons of stuff the cup poster bracelets coffe cup etc.. etc… ^^ Champaign for 15 bucks and I bought that brit cup too. Unfortnetly I broked it yesterday L(( but its ok I bought on poster the official book a magnet and some bracelet too so I got stuff from there. The shop of Britney was to smarl in my eyes but u definitely will find something.. So lets go to the main part. The ga experience.. what should I say. It was better then sex better then money or all I ever experienced!!! I had soooo huge expertasions for the show – u know after 7000miles and spending more then 4000$ to see her _ and she really fucked me hard. I waited 7 month for that concert and I didn’t saw anything before. U know how difficult that is but so it was ALL NEW AND NICE: The show was unbelieveable. Make sure u see her CLOTH! When she came out she looked like bored but THAT was soooo hot. It was close after brake up with david and she didn’t look really happy. I was screaming at her like hell and she looked to me more then 20 times no joke!!! Believe it or not! That killed me. She looks soo nice and her moves were on point! Even her dancers looked for me cuz I screaaaaamed REALLY loud. Hahahaha. Like a monkey whos close to death hahahaha. U should have seen that. Im sure I ruined a lot of videos around me from screaming but who cares. It was not the scream of a little girl. I screamed like leonidas in 300 hahahaha. That was unforgettable. And whisteling sooooo loud. U cant believe it if u not heared it. My mom trained me when I was young I can whistle reeeealy loud. I whistled a lot at other concerts and shows- I made music for more then 6 years and really was a lot on partys. I couldn’t speak for hours after that concert. All at all she blasted everything away. It was like a dream which came true. “Everytime†with the “snow†raining feeled like being touched by some really nice spring of silks. Don’t know how to describe. On ga the show was sooooooooo long. The bass is so loud it lets ur buddy vibrate After 3 tracks I was completely swetty and I wanted more! I didn’t liked the interludes but that was no problem becuz I deleted everything on my iphone in that time to got more space for 120fps videos. Make sure u film anything in 120fps so u got much better quality! And don’t make fotos!!!! There are tons of programs which cutting out any frame of a movie so u got 120 pics for any second u filming that is the trick!! Well I really filmed a lot. But it was annoying I had 5 guys in front of me the first row which where bigger then 7 feet so I always had to hold my arm in the air and sometimes I didn’t notice that I was not filming her or the movie was bluring. But so what! I saw her anyway cuz I was jumping around soo crazy lol and danced like the world would really ends!!!! Don’t look on the screen of ur phone while making pictures. Everytime u do u losing seconds of seeing her. Well all at a ll I have to say it was the best experience i ever made. I really did a lot of stuff in my life now like traveling a lot of sex adventures driving motorbikes fat cars taking drugs and tons more – I tried it all. But THIS SHOW!!!! OMG---- I cryed reeeeeallly hard when it was over and I was back in my hotel. Cant believe im back in germany and im really coming down L Brit was in germany at 25. This month and I was there to catch an autogramm. And I got it. I made videos too over there J Im really thinking about flying across the world again on the last concert in February to see it again. I just cant get it that its over. I was counting more then 200 days every day for that concert. And now its gone… im getting sad thinkin of it again. And for sure its nice to know I was there but its hard to know I probably wont feel this feeling again. Btw make sure u see the fountains at night! If u love to make party go to LIGHT CLUB Mandalay bay. Both are – even if not comparable to the show – quiet nice Be sure u see the show ! this is not possible to top! Im not quiet sure wether it was right to see it becuz I cant be impressed now anymore. Its like I was“to happyâ€. If u are there for 1,5 h -everything is getting quiet and dark after that. But make sure u see it. NOTHING in the world is compareable to KNOWING that U WAS THERE.. whatever that means. THIS system music and light cant be beaten on this planet. It took month to be builded and no artist can bring this on tour. It must be fixed installed and theres only vegas who can do it this way… hope u guys had some feelings when u readed this. I wont upload many pictures. Please don’t hate me for that – I made all at all over 800 Pictures at the concert!!! All at all I made more then 2500 pictures—anything! From the start in germany till I came back like a huuuge Britney vegas diary so I wont forget her so fast lol . forget… hahahaha. This was unforgettable.. So I cant upload all pics hope u can understand.. on the other hand I think u should see it by ur own eyes.. Well there are to many things I could type on for hours- for example the huuuuuuuuge Britney sign outside the planet hollywood.. some experiences with other fans and tons of stuff more. Here some pics but sorry for not uploading all Xo from germany to you all!!! Here some fotos..
  5. and where did u got the information about that before u emailed them?? i mean wtf are they not typing it even on her facebook site. they cant be so ignorant that they dont even make a mark on her facebook site
  6. i just wondered becuz its nowhere visible. not even on the centro site not on her site not on the site of the city...
  7. are you sure that she will be there? and how many km do u travel? i need to take a 500km ride and wanna be sure. i can find it only on 2 sites and both are not really serious.. can u send me link please?
  8. ich werde da sein und wollte mal wissen ob ich der einzige bekloppte bin quotet für ne antwort ich gehe jetzt schlafen und schaue morgen rein
  9. last concert buyable on ticketmaster is on feb 28. is it 100% safe that there will be more concerts added after that date?? i mean im sure there will be but want to know it from u guys wether u know it 100% there must be cuz i thought she signed contract for 100 shows and there aint 100 shows now.. please answer with source or why u know it thx dudes
  10. well ; maybe u ve been there on march? april?? lol whatever if u dont here for a WELCOME i should be baned anyway... but im not here for a hate im here for brit so ONCE AGAIN! U GOT BETTER VIDEOS IN HD( like 720 or maybe 12K ? )
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