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  1. I don't believe in astrology nor in psychic readings. I've kept up with Britney throughout the years and imo she doesn't seem to be smart, articulate, courageous or mentally strong enough to do all those things psychic said. But if she really wants to rebel against the conservatorship she can start by learning about her situation, attending court hearings and filing that damn petition to end it.
  2. Bullshit. None of his other Britney readings were accurate. Vengeful, rebellious Britney... How delusional...
  3. Not anytime soon. Probably never.
  4. I love how some of you talk trash about Anthony but you won't mention that Perez Hilton didn’t get sued for “leaking” the original Make Me video and for accusing Britney of being high on Ecstacy. And he will get away with that because he’s covered by Ja**e and team C-ship.
  5. Oh look...she used the term "freedom" twice. Why does she feed the fans' conspiracies with terms such as "freedom", "independence" or "tied-down"? According to some fans, she has those.
  6. Well, if she's too fragile to face reality, then maybe this current arrangement is the best thing for her.
  7. I don't know who you are or what your intentions are, but you need to stop trying to dismiss the #freebritney movement and stop acting so damn mighty and superior. Britney's case is a public case in California's public records. Ever since the beginning she has tried according to official records to fight the conservatorship at least 7 times, but was denied by the jugde on her case, a judge that people review on her official page as 'corrupted'. If you want to check it out for yourself, her case is number #:BP108870 on California's court website. There you have proof she can't choose her own friends, make phone calls, use her own money, ride her own car.... everything is on the hands of her conservator (in this case her dad). The timeline of her appealing the conservatorship in public records: 2008: she first appeals it (deemed mentally unstable) 2009: before Circus Tour: she sends an evaluation by a psychiatrist asking for the end of the conservatorship March 30, 2009 (a month after Circus Tour began): her dad fights her own motion, asking for a second psychiatrist evaluation July 23, 2009: new psychiatrist agrees with first psychiatrist and also asks for the conservatorship to end May 28, 2010: Britney and psychiatrist send and update on her mental health to give more evidence on her being mentally stable July 29, 2011 (during Femme Fatale when she was doped af): Jamie and conservatorship lawyer makes a urgent statement Right after that Britney and her own lawyer makes their own statement April 6, 2012: Jamie asks for her boyfriend at that time, Jason Trawick, to be added as a conservator August 21, 2012: Britney files a petition asking to shorten the conservatorship *Media reports Britney had a meeting with the jugde on her case arguing that "she's the only person under a conservatorship to sign a $50 million deal to be a judge on a live tv show". Wants conservatorship to end. Denied by the judge. 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018: no updates on her case. March 4, 2019: Britney files a new urgent petition (no details) and a memo (legal defend on her behalf) Right after that Jamie files a petition against her Then there's a register of a lawyer, Andrew Wallet (co-conservator), being fired and asking to get paid *The same who allegedly spoke with Britney's Gram via voicemail after a month. Britney files a new memo (no detail) Jamie Spears (conservator) files a new petition against Britney Britney is sent to a mental facility ,allegedly, against her will. May 10, 2019: Britney, the conspiracy theorist, went to the court assisted by her mother and told the judge that she was sent into a mental health institution and druged against her will, which is not legal. There's no reason to think she lied. She also asked FOR MORE FREEDOM. It appears every time she tries to petition and/or fight the conservatorship her "team" takes it as misbehaving and she's medicated. That's literally official public records, therefore proof she doesn't want this.
  8. Even if she's mentally ill, it still doesn't explain why she doesn't have the right to hire her own counsel. This is a conflict of interests because that man appointed by the court and paid with Britney's money, Samuel Ingham, will never advocate for a free Britney.
  9. Selena Gomez went to rehab at least 3 times that we know of, Demi Lovato was on the verge of dying and actually tried to commit suicide at least 2 times, yet they are not in conservatorships. Reason is these things happen, not gonna say they are normal in the sense that help isn't needed but people deal with mental struggles and taking away their freedom is definitely not a way of dealing with it. Hello, that's life. No one lives in a perfect bubble of happiness and stability 24/7. Also, the conservatorship system in America is full of problems, there's a bunch of articles denouncing that. It's an old and outdated system that simply opens a lot of holes to either conservators or the court itself abuse the conservatees especially when there's so much money involved. If there's such a need for her to be so restricted and monitored because of God knows why, then why the hell did she tour so much and did live tv during this? Or if she's so ill and mentally disabled, how come she has to provide for her ex-husband and kindergarten of children? That's just abusive and sickening. But yeah... that's the thing. It looks like it worked when you look at it from a distance. Her father/team successfully propelled her back into megastardom so that the brand Britney Spears once again flourished. But is she happy now? Truly? I'm sorry but I've always thought that the personal conservatorship is about protecting the Britney Spears brand while keeping Britney controlled. It's never been about helping Britney deal with whatever issues she had/has. Only eight months after being taken into that infamous ambulance she was carefully put back together at the MTV Awards by an entire team, including her own parents. She literally said "I often just want all of this to go away" but nobody listened. And now, nobody knows... It's just weird. No one truly knows the dynamic of her life, which is a good thing, except her true fans don't know either. And they just want to know if she's truly happy and she is doing what she wants to do.
  10. Lol... Her alcoholic father was a danger for his family and he couldn't even run a damn restaurant for more than 2 years. He's never been the right person to be in charge of Britney's life! Britney herself didn't want him.
  11. This. Well, still, she went to court and said to the judge she wanted more freedom and was herself part of the #freeBritney movement. There might be some theories going too far in terms of how much control the conservatorship has over her but that does not make it okay otherwise Britney herself wouldn't have and would not be still trying to fight it. There's just too much receipts to ignore, not to say the very problematic and full of lies narrative her team is sending to the media (TMZ, The Blast etc).
  12. February 9, 2018 February 18, 2018
  13. Not to be rude, but where are those new tour dates @absolutebritney ? Also, "the big festival"?
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