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  1. @theDMatthews Seems like you ignore everything Britney Spears related. Why is that? ?

  2. @theDMatthews Pretty please we need more Britney Spears reactions! ?? (Blackout album, Touch of My Hand circus tour performance, 3 MV etc)

  3. @thefinebros Please Make a video of R @britneyspears "Glory" Reaction https://t.co/lXiXEWlvt3

  4. @ColleenB123 @shanedawson @MissRBaller @tyleroakley @JoeyGraceffa @gracehelbig Please React Britney's new album "Glory" next week! ???

  5. @britneyspears B-Army wants to see "Make Me" music video so bad. Any tease you can give us? ???

  6. @micdropvideo Can you please do a facts video about Britney Spears? B-army will appreciate it! ??

  7. @britneyspears 2 days Left! #BritneyOnBBMAs https://t.co/dFMuh23jsh

  8. RT @rachelbritney7: Ready for #BritneyOnPCA tonight! The slayage is real. @britneyspears @britneysgalaxy https://t.co/MsjgYOtBK8

  9. RT @codyspearz: Aren't you nominated for a video where you're pitting yourself against Katy Perry? https://t.co/5OpuTN9446

  10. RT @cynthia_boyce: Hands 🆙 high in the sky/Downhill on roller skates/Perfect vision when your eyes close/Right colors, different shapes htt…

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