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    All I hear is See You Never Again by Wizard Cauliflower ft Piss Poop. That Jay Shawn DaRuler song. Shut up and die by Walk and stay on the moon forever pls and Love me like you do by Eli Silvering ugh so annoying.
  2. djat824


    Made sure i took my moms phone and texted them that i loved it and should play it more. Did it with my phone too lmao
  3. djat824


    Played pretty girls just now :,)
  4. Its not shade lol she said something about an air conditioner. Hence 'cool' interview. But k
  5. He stay reaching. Next thing he gonna say is believing and following god is satanic
  6. He was mad aliencist too. Like wtf. Me and my family came from mars and we livin nice not bothering no one. Bye. I aint no demon tbh.
  7. Everything is symbolism of the devil apparently.
  8. Keep in mind the other artists are preforming their songs day in and day out in every city/state/country. Britney is not. Thats why they are where they are on the charts.
  9. Guys its doing so good on itunes. Please keep it up. Its only the beginning !! Keep supporting every way possible!
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