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  1. A lot happened in my life since like...wait, was it 2014? I moved to another city, went to an university, had my first job, got more hobbies... I know it might sound like I'm 70 or something, lol please don't get me wrong cause I'm still young But... I found out a lot about myself and people around me. I'm more confident about myself, my needs and my choices. It's not like I know everything now but I'm not that lost in my life as I was before. I still make mistakes but they're my mistakes and I learn from it. I'm not trying to be cool anymore as I know it's not really important, so I just choose to be a good person. I kinda miss this place when it was filled with users... It was always (and still is somehow) full of nice people unlike some other boards... Anyway I'm glad it still exists, probably thanks to the amazing @laracroftonline <3 Maybe somehow, someday Universe will have a large comeback... Hope you're all having a good day
  2. Yeah it's noticeable, though I think it's a good thing, people expected a song from Britney that would be as good as BOMT so...Oops happened. And Brinty slayed the world again
  3. Gonna stan some other artists in the meantime See ya in 2018 Brinny
  4. These are perfect for the summer
  5. She looked good and stuff but yeah, I'm disappointed. There wasn't any WOW thing... it was pretty meh. Some of her POM performances are more entertaining than this actually.
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