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  1. I'm literally heartbroken about this situation and Britney because I'm just a nobody and can't help our Icon, who's in serious trouble... This is more than unfair.
  2. Also Get Back, which I believe, was a kind of a bonus track somewhere sounds a bit... At least the official version, I liked the sound of the demo but the magic is gone in the final one, for me at least
  3. I am pretty speechless... Jamie Spears is a monster and needs to be locked. How on earth he's still a conservator?? I hope Britney recovers from this, omg it's such a tragic year for our girl... #freeBritney all the way.
  4. I'm so in love with Brunetteney omg, I'm shaking
  5. Been listening to both albums lately and I felt curious about you guys... So what's your favourite? I feel I like Britney more. The album didn't do as well as Oops, but I like the sound of it, it's fresh, pure 2000s pop with decent vocals, nice lyrics actually (no "Dear diary" here ) and... I like the production, it's just really, really good. It's not like I hate Oops, but it's just my taste. How about you?
  6. Sounds great! I made my own Britney Jean version: The first track is a basically 2011 VMAs greatest hits remix with an original title which was my idea... Please don't judge And some other tracks are... out... And not coming back Oh, and HOT, BOM and Passenger are in acoustic remixed versions, a bit boring but no Myah.
  7. My least favorite bonus track from... I'll start with Blackout. So, it's Everybody, which is a bonus track on the Japanese edition of Blackout. Ughh. Like there was a time when it was a jam for me because at the moment I thought I know all Britney songs and then found Everybody which I didn't know, so it was a Britmas moment for me... Now I just skip it. It's not a good song, maybe it's not the worst but Blackout is so full of energy, really nice vibes and when Everybody comes in.... the beginning is very very irritating. Like wth? The idea with sampling a classic song was cool but it went out cheap.
  8. Just checked them out. Some are more edited, some are less. But I can hear vocal editing on every track, there is one file with her vocals pretty raw, though she sounds suspiciously off key there, like come on, she's not such a bad singer! So that's one thing and another one... distorted sibilance which is soo typical for some vocal (pitch) editors I know pretty good. Weird. Like somebody tried to make her sound worse and I'm being serious, I have a pretty good ear as I work a lot with audio restoration and stuff.
  9. Hii! I'm sure most of you know the song "Alien". In 2013, right before Britney Jean was released, a demo of this song leaked... I was pretty in shock when I heard the official version. It's not like it's a big deal because it doesn't sound very different from the demo, but... Please have a listen to the demo and compare with the official one, especially around: 0:52: "But the stars IN THE sky..." 1:01: "And the light IN YOUR eyes..." 1:46: "HAD to get used..." ...and the infamous glitch at 2:14 but that's not the case It's literally pathetic how poor the vocal production was on this song. It's not about Myah here because it's Britney's vocals mostly. I mean listen to this "official" version, it's so glitchy, somebody used Autotune(Melodyne or sth) in a very bad way, like nowadays (and it's nothing new) there are some silly karaoke apps to get on a phone and it works better than autotune on Britney Jean! This sounds tragic. And probably somebody got paid for that... A person who works at a recording studio.... Disgusting. Seriously, amateur singers on the internet do it better
  10. So true! In my country there were two examples of huge music stars who let their families manage their career and both were used by their "loving" relatives to make as much money as they could, no matter what. One of them even led a double life, because all the family relations faded, they just wanted money. Everybody knew what's going on but they were always covering it up by media, disgusting... Having a family involved in your career can destroy the family. Once Britney's free, maybe thanks to her mother, I hope her mother will still just be a mother, not a manager, conservator or something similar.
  11. I see your point, though in fact we literally have no idea what is really going on behind the curtains, especially now when things got really quiet. Also Jamie started freaking out early this year when there was no #freeBritney thing yet... I don't know and don't really care about the movement, as I'm not an actual part of this, I just care about Britney. Some people who are really involved in #freeBritney (or Idk, are they? maybe they're just haters) may go too extreme sometimes (like posting those hateful comments on Britney's ig) and that can make things worse and piss somebody. But people like us, just loyal fans wishing Britney was free and just supporting her are doing nothing wrong. All in all, nobody's going to look at comments on the internet when there's a serious investigation or something going on. The only thing people can affect is her sales, streams... that can happen if things will get worse, boycotting Britney's brand... I hope it's not going to happen. So I kind of agree
  12. She'd change a lot of things, especially around 2007/8, possibly telling her dad and family to stay away from her career, which in fact destroyed her family. If her father wouldn't have the control he has now, their relations could have been miles better. I know another two great examples of families involved in managing a huge music star career, it's always a messy situation that breaks family relations. Toxic!
  13. You know, it all sounds pretty raw. Though I think they went too far with polishing her vocals, I like her natural sounding vocals on Hot As Ice demo which sounds fun because of this. On the official version of this song the fun is kinda gone because it's a bit overproduced.
  14. This is crazy and disgusting. Though, hey, if this is really going to happen, us fans will literally riot. We already pissed them off with #freeBritney, we can do more I guess Poor Britney in all of that. I'm literally heartbroken when I think of her... Yeah, family can be either a treausure or a nightmare.
  15. Hiii Just wanted to share my last effort. Had too much free time lately...and that made me mess a little with Blackout. I was inspired by old disco LPs that have an amazing flow as you play them - there are no gaps between songs, because it's all mixed and it kinda sounds like a medley (you may know it from Madonna's Confessions for example which is inspired by 70s). So... I tried to make a non-stop Blackout "record". I'm not a DJ in fact, though just tried my best to make it flow and sound really good using some stems. Oh, and made some minor changes in some of the songs, but it's basically...almost pure Blackout, no remixes. I hope you like it!
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