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  1. I've read it somewhere that around 2015-2016 her brother stepped in for a while to replace (?) Jamie and Britney could have some more freedom than before. And yeah, it's easy to see by pics or vids of her in 2016, for a while she seemed happy and almost back to her old self. 2017 was fine also but in 2018 it all got messy, she got ticks on stage, "where are we", cancelled M&Gs and more and more stuff that finally led us to #freeBritney.
  2. So true. It's not like she was in jail all the time, I think she just got used to that situation and tried to live her life and yeah, we've seen her happy sometimes. Although I'm sure it bothered her all the time, like she wished she could just go shopping whenever she wants and just be independent. But anyway, we don't have much information on how the c-ship bothered her in her private life. It changed a lot in her career, her image. They did a good job with Circus, but after that there was too much in control and I think her image has become boring. There was almost no Britney in Britney, and not because she's changed that much, it was just that they didn't let her speak freely. They knew they're using her for money and they were afraid that if they let her speak, she will get them in trouble. But it all turned into an own goal. She's become less profitable and now, as you can see, they try to sell perfumes or that experience thing at the same time without even Britney involved. Desperate much?
  3. And she deleted it today... Well something's going on there.
  4. Thank you I feel so happy when I look at all of the feedback I got from this show, it's quite surprising actually. It's not really an original show, all I could do is add a personal touch to it. Also there were some amazing people helping me who were soo kind and had amazing ideas and opinions. Sadly most of the Army just vanished last years and I don't have contact with anybody but I send love to them, wherever they are. I have so many memories from around 2013-2015, fantastic memories around this show, Britney, her music, performances, c-ship or not... I hope the Army will reunite soon, we used to be such an amazing and vibrant community
  5. Memories... For those who liked the show and haven't seen the latest episode I made few months ago...
  6. Well I miss her too... and it's definitely not helping me now when I'm trying to cure my depression. At least I think she's doing her best to free herself, which is a light in the dark. Once she does that, I think she will perform again.
  7. Well I'm happy if she's happy, but even if she seems to be smiling on a picture, I'm not sure if it's true. You know, you can smile while being a prisoner too. And that doesn't mean you're happy. I'm worried about her, I just hope she has the best christmas she can have.
  8. Mte. Let's just all move here, it's always been a good place for Britney's fans
  9. 6 years omg, I remember myself listening to it for the first time. So many mixed emotions and the striking lack of Britney's touch in this album...like a crater Thankfully I have some positive nostalgia about this album. We were all so hyped about this album and Vegas, the fanbase was still huge, oh God...
  10. I'm literally heartbroken about this situation and Britney because I'm just a nobody and can't help our Icon, who's in serious trouble... This is more than unfair.
  11. Also Get Back, which I believe, was a kind of a bonus track somewhere sounds a bit... At least the official version, I liked the sound of the demo but the magic is gone in the final one, for me at least
  12. I am pretty speechless... Jamie Spears is a monster and needs to be locked. How on earth he's still a conservator?? I hope Britney recovers from this, omg it's such a tragic year for our girl... #freeBritney all the way.
  13. I'm so in love with Brunetteney omg, I'm shaking
  14. Been listening to both albums lately and I felt curious about you guys... So what's your favourite? I feel I like Britney more. The album didn't do as well as Oops, but I like the sound of it, it's fresh, pure 2000s pop with decent vocals, nice lyrics actually (no "Dear diary" here ) and... I like the production, it's just really, really good. It's not like I hate Oops, but it's just my taste. How about you?
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