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No More Mrs Nice Girl

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  1. Happy Birthday No More Mrs Nice Girl!

  2. like, I could never let her see my huffing and puffing like a big fatty hahahahah! It's my own weird motivation I think to myself what if Britney saw me? Then I work harder because I would want to be flawless LOL!
  3. Lol! I know, I always picture her body and be like.....keep going!!! hahah Plus I think, what if Britney was watching....and then I think I have to work harder and not act like a hyperventilating cow haha!
  4. So I was in my kick boxing class tonight. a half an hour in i was dying. I was about to keel over and give up. Then the next song was Work Bitch (well, work work haha!) And I was like And I thought, NO! I have to keep going....for Britney!!! If I want a hot body I better work bitch!!! :dealwitit: lol! Then I didn't give up and I kept going! The power of our queen!!!!!
  5. I agree, the whole Myah thing is ridiculous, it has been blown way out of proportion. I hate even hearing her name. Britney sings her own songs. the end. Jordan will use anything to get attention, so annoying!
  6. I LOVE it!!!!!! It is so beautiful!!! This version is so much more dark/sad sounding, and I love it!!!! I wish they would have kept it similar to this!! Plus to hear her raw vocals!!!!!!
  7. that's what I thought of too! lol!
  8. I LOVE reading people's meet and greet stories!!! I met her during FF and it was the most amazing and nerve wrecking thing ever! I wish I wouldn't have been so nervous and would have actually said more than just hi lol!!! One thing I know all us meet and greet people can agree upon, she is SOOOOOOO much more beautiful in person than anyone could ever imagine! she is like a living barbie doll!! Thanks for sharing your story, so great you got to hug her!!!! I wish I could meet her again someday!
  9. LOL! yes!! Grab on and hang on for dear life!!!!
  10. I would love that! I mean, she does so amazing in POM why not show it to the rest of the world!?!?!
  11. It is an amazing song! One of the best on circus, if not in all of her songs ever. I love that circus was so pop-ish and generic almost, but then there was the gem of a song that is so dark and deep! And her voice is amazing on it! I love it!