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  1. Happy Birthday Slayney Spears!

  2. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn slay me funny faceney
  3. do people not have lives anymore that their trying to hack Britney forums ??
  4. omg we're both experts in overreacting. Slay omg exhale ? my avi is DWAD tour. And on here i don't think i ever had Britney for the 2001 vmas.... Unless I did and forgot Night bby. Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite
  5. Slay Hybrid! Get that promo on another Britney forum
  6. i was scared for a second cause i thought i got banned yeah I think its time for some sleep bby
  7. it was very good if I only remember his avi I would remember but I can't
  8. and to answer what you said in the other thread that was just deleted... The person who hacked exhale hates Jordan and Beyonce cause there was a Beyonce header again and they kept calling her a nigger and Jordan seen it and shut down exhale to fix it
  9. it was the 99 problems section.. they changed the title to "Jordan has HIV" and the description was "Jordan's a disgusting little f**got"
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