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  1. RT @951013boy: Perhaps Miss Hyolyn snapped https://t.co/Nu1Ilz6dXa

  2. RT @VictorPopeJr: Lil Scream 🔪 https://t.co/Wee6PB0wNi

  3. RT @Les_The_Great: Amber had time. https://t.co/pgiW01wYQs

  4. RT @xicacha: "The simple truth is, for white people, the use of marijuana has effectively been legal for a long time" SHE SAID IT https://…

  5. RT @lenadunhamapols: Lena Dunham Apologizes At The Launch Of Her New Bottled Water Brand For Calling All The Vendors 'Chico' And 'Hombre' A…

  6. RT @SaneitMonae: I’m actually doing well. https://t.co/gsBBnwFOAZ

  7. RT @LOONAirrr: Me performing for my homophobic relatives one last time at the village square before they start throwing the rocks https://t…

  8. RT @affiliateadrian: our professor was late to class so this lil girl walked up and said “im the teacher now” why she got the whole class s…

  9. RT @yeetztweetz: girls get 35 comments on an ig picture and start looking for apartments in LA

  10. RT @lulucopatrol: anime dudebros have never been outside and looked at a human being in their lives. y'all will tear a artist to shreds for…

  11. RT @hardtimegrudges: Magnetised era emma: i’m done with being a snake!!!!! Eb1 era emma: hiss hiss bitch

  12. RT @c_vartorella: Sorry you had to actually parent your kids for 17 minutes while Nickelodeon was paying tribute to the 17 children who wer…

  13. RT @kingrizzyiv_: Tweeting this video so I never lose it ?https://t.co/iTHc2ACQoZ

  14. RT @amaditalks: “Unskilled labor” isn’t a thing that exists. She had the needed skills for a needed job. She kept a park that sees 44,000 v…

  15. RT @NotEvansPosts: wow look at all that room for more chicken unbelievable https://t.co/8ATraREMWJ

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